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  1. Well, I don't mind resting bonuses stacking with actives, in fact I think they should, only makes sense.  But that screenshot of stacking all kinds of food buffs together, that is just some extreme cheese lol, I hope that doesn't exist anymore.  Also I was going off thelee's gamefaq, which I thought was the bible pretty much for this game.  I have read the permabuff no rest guide thread before.  Just to be clear, we are not talking about stacking up all kinds of resting bonuses together (like alchemist pool, and inn/food, and luminous bath etc etc), we are talking about those buffs stacking with active inspiration/modal buffs in combat.


  2. 11 hours ago, Kaylon said:

    Food/resting bonuses were always considered passives and always stacked with the active abilities. There's also a thread somewhere where you can see which bonuses can be obtained and how to keep them as long as possible.

    That isn't what I remember.  Active buffs should overwrite food/rest bonuses.  For example, resting in Konstanten's room gives you 3 DEX and 30% spell resist.  If you buff yourself with quick in a fight, the 5 DEX will overwrite the 3 DEX.  The 30% spell resist will never be overwritten though, because of how % chance stuff works.

  3. I was under the impression that food and resting bonuses don't stack with active abilities, but I noticed that if I rest in Konstanten's room that the 3 DEX stacks with my monk using swift strikes and getting the 5 DEX from quick.  Also resting meditating and praying at the shrine near poko kahara gets me Natures resolve (10 accuracy, 2 RES) which stacks with devotions of the faithful (10 accuracy) from my priest, or borrowed instinct (20 accuracy) from my cipher.  So resting bonuses stack now?  Is this new?  Does all food or inn resting stack with active abilities?  My rest bonus strategies just changed drastically if they do.

  4. 7 hours ago, Boeroer said:

    You are disappointed that the mechanics seem to work as they are supposed to? 🤔

    You can still build a good dumb cipher. Several powers don't care abount INT, for example Mind Blades, Mind Lance, all Beams (fixed 10 sec duration) and some others. 

    I mean yeah, kind of.  I thought it was cool that int was good for AOE size and duration of buffs and debuffs, but that you could build a character focused on a single target DOT damage build with low int.

  5. I'm not using a community patch, just whatever the latest official one is.  It says disintegrate is a fixed 240 damage (I think that is the number) over however many seconds (determined by int).  So the tooltip in the game is just straight up wrong?  Having more int will give you more total damage?  I wanted to build a "dumb" cipher around this, kind of disappointed.

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