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  1. Now in all seriousness, if tomorrow you were to read the rebels excecuted every black prisioner would that actually surprise you? The problem with so much of the middle east these days is there are no "good guys". Just different variaties of bad. That is not true everywhere obviously, but it is true for much of it.


    Honestly? No, I wouldn't be that shocked, but of all the faults of Barack Obama I'd hardly say the Libyan situation ranks particularly high among them. Do you honestly think many other presidential candidates would have done differently? Or, even if they had, would the different negative consequences of their choices be any less their fault?


    I still think it's too early to pass judgment on the wisdom of military action in Libya. I certainly don't pretend to know what the "proper" course of action would have been - it's an extremely nontrivial situation.

  2. Ugh, hate those kinds of VS songs :p



    This is music to get into car accidents to. Naturally you all know where this featured :thumbsup:


    If you hate that, what kind of VS song do you like? Hopefully not



    Admittedly, my favorite VS song of all time is not Emalaith, but Weeping of the Spirits. That main riff is ****ing incredible.

  3. Virgin Steele -


    Child of the desolation, cry to me

    Under stars that have died

    Under skies of pain

    We are born

    We are one

    Forever we'll be

    Oh, my love, we'll defy death

    And meet on holy ground...

  4. I've always maintained that Tolkien had superb content but utterly awful prose. Lord of the Rings itself is hard to slog through at best, and The Silmarillion reads like a bad translation of the Aeneid.

  5. (Enymion and The Rise of Endymion)


    For a second I read that as "Endyamon," and thought someone had written a book about the protagonist of Virgin Steele's

    trilogy. I am now very disappointed.
  6. A lot of fans think, based on comments in the game, that

    Brianna's mother, Arren Kae, is actually Kreia.

    I don't think it's too farfetched myself, she knows a lot about the young lady and her heritage after all.


    It's not farfetched at all, especially given Chris Avellone's comment on it. I'm not sure whether it was intended or not, but it would be a nice twist regardless. It would also add a whole new lair to the "I knew her mother..." bit from Kreia when you first start sparring with Brianna.


    The theory is based largely on two pieces of evidence - that both Kae and Kreia are former female Jedi masters known to have taught Revan in the past, and that both supposedly died in the Mandalorian wars.

  7. I was just wondering, who do you all think the Jedi girl that tried to save atton was? Who he ended up killing.....


    Does anyone think she was an important jedi, or any name we might here in fan fics or comics? Or was it just a random woman?



    i think that there is a good chance that the jedi was brianna or the last handmaidens mother


    No, because Brianna is alive (which kinda clashes with having been killed by Atton), and her mother died in the Mandalorian wars.

  8. So far Herman Cain is the one I have like the most. But I've got nothing against Romney. I'm not a fan of Pawlenty, don't know much about Bachman, and Ron Paul has too many bad associations. Gingrich is a buffoon, Santorum a democrat disguised as a republican, and Jon Huntsman is too vanilla. Palin will not run (thankfully) neither will Christie (too bad) or Thune. Rick Perry might, I could get behind hime if he did. Huckabee is an idiot and Guliani will never appeal to the Red States.


    Right now I'm supporting Cain and I think a Romney/Cain ticket would be formidable. But honestly, I'd take Micky Mouse over the fool we have now.


    Herman Cain? You mean the nutcase who said he wouldn't sign any bill over 3 pages long?



  9. Any candidate that talks about "small government" or "big government" is not worthy of my vote.


    What I want is a presidential candidate who realizes that the proper way to balance the budget is objectively look at all the current services offered by the government, figure out how much they cost, decide which of them we want, and adjust taxes accordingly. This must be done on a program-by-program basis, and you must be willing to raise taxes if we aren't bringing in enough money to pay for the services that we want. I'm sick of morons who claim that the government is "too big" yet are unable to list which specific services they'd like to cut back, or people who claim that the government needs to do more while being unwilling to raise taxes to compensate. There is no such thing as an objectively "big" or "small" government. Those are overly-idealized, nearly meaningless terms that have unfortunately risen to prominence in the place of legitimate discussion about what government should (and should not) do.


    In addition, the republican myth that lowering government spending and removing regulations will help to restart the economy is a joke, and I can't believe that anyone falls for it. The measure of the health of an economy is not the income of its richest members. The government is the single entity in our society that can afford to incur large debts in order to jumpstart the economy - cutting government spending will not aid in the recovery, it will cause further unemployment and drag us deeper into recession.


    Unfortunately, I don't think I'll want to vote for either candidate this election - Obama is horribly ineffectual and lacks any real vision for how to bring the country forward, and all the Republican candidates are conservative nutjobs whose stance on social policy alone (with the exception of Ron Paul, who is surprisingly reasonable in that regard) is enough to deter me from voting for them.

  10. not only that but i have the problem of i was planning on playing with different groups of friends online. now its just like meh whatever, i mean even a mess of a game like the newest dnd game on the 360 arcade did the mp right design wise. guess ima be waiting for d3 still siiiigh.


    You realize a diablo-style multiplayer framework simply doesn't work for a mainly story-driven game, right? It sort of breaks any sense of immersion or balance to have a level 30 friend bring his character into the early stages of your game.

  11. Well, its coming out that this lunatic was into the whole 'Loose Change' 'the government commited 9-11' crap. To those bitching about rhetoric, perhaps we should also ban speech promoting this lunacy? One of the more dangerous beliefs out there. If 9-11 was perpetrated by the government, assassination of political figures could be justified. If I really believed it I would want to see those responsible killed, one way or another. I remember speaking to a 'truther' about this and I said the very same to him. "Just you wait" he said.




    It will be interesting if this information will every see the light of day in the mainstream media between the Palin beat downs.


    There will always be conspiracy nuts, and infringing on their first amendment rights is not the right way to discredit them. Admittedly the birthers aren't quite as bad as the truthers, but would you equally support banning speech promoting that lunacy?

  12. Actually, it doesn't mean Einstein was "right," per se. Einstein's "cosmological constant" existed to allow a stationary universe - it turns out the universe is not stationary, thus his abandonment of it.


    It later turned out, when physicists discovered cosmic acceleration, that the cosmological constant could conveniently be used to represent dark energy. It was not Einstein's original intent, and is somewhat coincidental.

  13. Humans have a long history of looking at things, struggling to find a pattern, and then declaring them random, only to be later proven wrong.


    Actually, you have it backwards. The human brain is great at seeing patterns when there are none, not the other way around. Any basic psychology class could teach you that.


    You don't seem to understand the math behind quantum mechanics. That's alright - take some physics classes, and you'll say things which are less silly.


    What kind of a response is this man? You can't respond to logic so you throw out baseless personal insults?


    Come on, if you're smart enough to understand a bit about one of QM's interpetations (Copenhagen it would seem), then you should easily be smart enough to understand why it is still just an interpretation. There are deterministic interpretations out there which are mathematically rigorous and consistent with the basis of QM (insomuch as, say, Copenhagen is). In those interpretations, radioactive decay is not random, it is chaotic.


    Your response to this is "nuh-ah, you can't do maths, you're silly!" :shifty:


    You're splitting hairs. Radioactive decay on the scale of one atom cannot be predicted. It is defined in terms of probabilities on the scale of multiple atoms. Do you honestly not know this? It's easily observable. No amount of interpretation changes that fact - the behavior of radioactive decay is described by probabilities, hence the term, "probabilistic." Speculating as to hidden functions working behind what is observable is silly and changes nothing.

  14. Humans have a long history of looking at things, struggling to find a pattern, and then declaring them random, only to be later proven wrong.


    Actually, you have it backwards. The human brain is great at seeing patterns when there are none, not the other way around. Any basic psychology class could teach you that.


    You don't seem to understand the math behind quantum mechanics. That's alright - take some physics classes, and you'll say things which are less silly.

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