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  1. Aren't they the pinnacle of their genre(actiony-stealth-games)?


    Yes. While the SC, MGS and Thief series all allowed the player to resort to action (yes, even Thief, you didn't carry around a sword for nothin'), they were very much focused on stealth. The DX and SS series allowed stealth but it was never the focus, and being a jack of all trades meant the stealth couldn't compare to those other three series.


    I do hope the stealth in AP is closer to the first three than the last two.


    I hope Obsidian takes the time to write KotOR2 quality dialogue. That's all I want.


    I'm not expecting another character as deep as Kreia (that would be *very* hard to do), but I do want good dialogue.

  2. Why are such comparisons idiotic? The action gameplay we've seen is similar to those two titles. Comparing x to y isn't the same as claiming x and y are EXACTLY THE SAME.


    Oh, and I pretty much agree with Cl_Flushentityhe...


    Except, you know, for the entire branching dialogue/plot part?


    Er, what part of Comparing x to y isn't the same as claiming x and y are EXACTLY THE SAME are you not understanding?


    It's not idiotic to say that AP shares similarities with other stealth action games, because based on what we've seen it's true. That there is more to AP doesn't change this. Similar does not equal the same.


    If people are dismissing AP because they don't think it's individual parts look as good as other games ("Combat isn't as good as Gears of War.", "Stealth isn't as good as Splinter Cell", "It's not a real RPG like Fallout"), then they're missing out, but whining that they don't get it isn't going to change that.


    You misunderstand me. I was expressing my frustration with people who discount games on the grounds of them being "not as good as" <generic action game here>.

  3. Why are such comparisons idiotic? The action gameplay we've seen is similar to those two titles. Comparing x to y isn't the same as claiming x and y are EXACTLY THE SAME.


    Oh, and I pretty much agree with Cl_Flushentityhe...


    Except, you know, for the entire branching dialogue/plot part?

  4. Since questions seem to be getting answered here: Does anyone know which of the four weapon groups sniper rifles fall under? I am assuming Assault Rifles but Obsidian may throw us a curve ball and make it a part of the infiltration or sabotage skill.


    Or make it fall under none of the trainable skills and only useable in certain situations.


    Also, do the main weapon types still have unlimited ammo?

  5. On one hand, I'm sad because I have to wait. On the other hand, that's more time for them to polish. The last thing we want is a a rushed release (KotOR2, anyone?). This game has a lot of potential, it shouldn't go to waste.


    A fall release? Seriously?


    The game industry has a complete inability to learn lessons. Even big-time games get lost in that fall relese shuffle.


    By the way I don't think Dragon Age is not coming out in October. I'd bet on late November for DA. My guess is the console versions will not be finished in October and they want to do a simultaneous release.


    If anything, they should push it back, then. I'd rather wait longer than have game quality suffer.

  6. It goes with the same path you took on the previous node. First node, no idea.


    The game defaults to "Professional" if you have not inputted anything; after that, it will default to whatever you've chosen during the first option.


    Devs have been posting a lot recently.

  7. Sometimes, it looked a bit unpolished, lower rez, stiff, I'm guessing it was on really low graphical settings in order to capture some footage at faster frame rate? Maybe. Would be nice to have a dev explain some things to us about what we saw.

    I think those are simply footages from different stages of the developement put together into a one video. Some locations/objects/characters look splendid, with high res textures, while others don't. Same with facial animations. The purpule-hair girl has alot better facial animations during the convo with her than other characters. It shows progress and I'm glad to see it. I'm positive Obsidian will be able to polish most of the important stuff in time.

    Yeah, quite possible, early builds put together. Maybe it was done to show how the game has progressed from earlier builds to later builds? Would like to have something notifying which build is which. The desert part looked smashing and I understand it has been used for demo purposes lots of times in the past. It is logical for it to look better than the footage from the rest of the game because it was completed in advance. I believe we can expect the same kind of polish for the rest of the game, in due time.


    My thoughts exactly.

  8. Well, I'm planning to go pistols/stealth/CQC or pistols/stealth/tech, which is why I care so much about the jerky pistol animation. >_<


    The dialog system looks very well polished, as does the interface. I'm pretty sure the areas which look low-res and crappy are earlier development stages, as there are plenty of stages which look great.


    Facial expression could use some work.

  9. Unfortunitly in this day and age you need good graphics and animations to sell a game... Right now this game is looking very sup-par in these areas.


    For me, I'm not bothered about that very much, but if you think the majority wont be... I dunno.


    During some of the footage (namely the middle-east combat scenes) the graphics are not in any way sub-par. There are other times, however, during which the graphics look awful. I'm under the impression that the bad-looking shots are from earlier builds.


    The only animation that really bugs me is the pistol firing animation, and that one shot of Thorton shooting an assault rifle with his head bobbing awkwardly.

  10. Pistol firing animation is still a bit jerky.


    The textures in some scenes (the middle east ones especially) are amazing, while they are pretty bad in others. I'm pretty sure polish from now until release can fix this.


    SMG's always dual-wielded is annoying, but not as bad as I had thought. I still hope there is more than one weapon ability per tree.


    Dialog system and voice acting looks to be top-notch. Thorton's voice is spot on for his character's appearance. The "What the hell is going on, why'd you drug me" line is an example of great voice acting. (Unfortunately, it still doesn't even come close to Eternal Darkness, but then again, nothing ever will).


    Do want.

  11. I dislike the idea of "stealth modes" in general. Stealth should be integrated into the gameplay.


    What do you mean by this? Take hiding in shadows in both Thief or Splinter Cell for example, would you classify this as a "stealth mode" or is it stealth that is integrated into the gameplay? How about being hidden in plain sight depending on what you're doing, in the Hitman series?


    I don't really get "pretending" to sneak.


    Anything where you press a certain button and you get an effect that tells you you are "in stealth" is bad. Think KotOR.

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