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  1. The truly unknowable is equivalent to the non-existant. If it interacts, it can be known. If it does not interact, it is irrelevant.


    Irrelevant and non-existent are not the same thing. The purely supernatural is, indeed, irrelevant. No one knows if it exists or not, and frankly no one should care, for just that reason.

  2. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Seems to me it's is all about categories. How many angels can dance on the head of a pin. How do you account for the metaphysical in a real world setting.


    You don't - by definition, the metaphysical is an unknown. This, the act of claiming knowledge about the metaphysical is absurd, regardless of the stance taken.

  3. Not if you don't recognise the category as anything other than a group psychological phenomenon. Surely it is the belief in divinity that is on the face of it fantastical and requiring proof. If there is no evidence then, ipso facto, there is no observable divinity.


    The other side of the argument has invented a category outside what can be observed and documented, that's not a draw or a technical KO. It's cheating.


    The category is, by definition, irrelevant. Having an opinion on its validity is stupid and baseless, regardless of the opinion itself.

  4. I don't think it's absurd.


    Trying to claim any knowledge about the existence of the supernatural (which, by definition, cannot be *known*) is about as absurd as it gets. The question of supernatural entities is a silly, irrelevant one, and having a belief either way with regards to it is equally silly.

  5. As a hard agnostic, I find strict atheism just as ideologically absurd as theism. That said, militant atheists are nowhere near as obnoxious/harmful to society as evangelical Christians, and anyone who is legitimately offended by these displays needs to grow up.

  6. death of force wouldn't result in the annihilation o' all life or even complete human (or sentient life) extinction.

    And that's where I disagree with Avellone.


    Though, even if you think the death of the force would be omnicidal, I still maintain Kreia's gambit was always ultimately to force her own death at the hands of the Exile on Malachor V, to finally silence the echo which had given birth to all of the conflict in the game, rather than to actually kill the force.

  7. I was an Exile, I fought a lot of sith, I lost my connection to the force but blah blah blah I recovered it and became a badass. Kreia was an old chick who was manipulating me and then we fought at the end. That's about it.


    And if that's really all you took away from the game, then you missed a lot.

  8. ]


    Hey, I'm not going to tout it as a strong piece of literature either. It's a pretty basic book. If you aren't into the games, I can't imagine why you would read it, actually. It's pulp fiction that gives a nice little background story on a video game.


    Oner, I did notice you were dissecting the blog and I agree with your point. When I read that section of the book I didn't see any problem with the exchange. I haven't actually read the blog, it sounds a bit pretentious for my tastes.


    edit: Looking over the thread, I think Oblarg is the only one dissecting this stuff.


    Doesn't take much "dissection" to see that Karpshyn obviously paid no attention to the plot of the game which his novel is supposed to conclude.

  9. You guys are dissecting this stuff like it is serious literature. I barely remember the main plot points of KotOR 2, and nothing I've read of the Revan novel feels out of place. Lighten up, it's Star Wars, it's about lightsabers and guns that go pew pew.


    I don't remember spending much time in college literature classes studying trashy sci-fi novels, and I think there was a good reason for that.


    That's the thing - KotOR2's writing does, indeed, far transcend "lightsabers and guns that go pew pew." If Karpshyn was not up to the task of continuing the rather serious take on the Star Wars universe that KotOR2 introduced, he should not have written a tie-in novel in its continuity.

  10. I'd still say I see nothing morally wrong with responsible piracy of certain media (music, namely).


    In the past year, I've bought 6 albums and 3 band shirts, and gone to 4 concerts, all from bands I'd have no clue existed without piracy. Make of that what you will, but I don't think anyone will ever convince me that I'm hurting the market with my practices.

  11. Wow, this is getting more and more pathetic.



    "pathetic"? am thinking the correct word is "surreal." you give us feedback regarding the site maintenance o' the game you got a needs to announce indifference regarding?




    keep posting. please.


    HA! Good Fun!


    I got a beta invite to SW:TOR, too. I gave it away.


    Is it really that alien a concept to you that someone could have optimistically signed up for the beta earlier on, only to lose all interest in the game later?


    "I am thinking" that you're just trolling at this point.

  12. Gotta love the language they use in the developer notes:



    This is a temp fix to try to keep most of the level playable as we get the art done. What would take place here instead of a popup is fighting and exploration through CSec headquarters followed by a climactic conversation at Bailey's office where you find out the council is in danger and Udina is a jerk, who must be stopped. At that point you will exit csec into a patrol car.



    So, "Udina is a jerk?" I think we already know that. :(

  13. I'd say that's pretty outright...


    Yeah, nevermind - no idea how I missed that when I read through it.





    Once Shepard reaches the top of the elevator he begins a conversation with GUARDIAN where all the mysteries of the universe are revealed.



    What the **** kind of **** writing is this?

  14. Well, the thing that I can't seem to figure out is





    If you get the best ending supposedly you MERGE with the Reapers...what the heck is that supposed to accomplish more than destroying or controlling them!? Why the heck would you WANT to merge with them and why is that considered the best ending? How is merging with something that destroys every sentient life form in the Galaxy every 50,000 years the ultimate ending that you would want?




    There's actually nothing in the leaked information that states outright that this happens - read through it yourself if you don't believe me. Some of the dialogue with The Illusive Man sort of hints at it, but it's far from definite. The leaked plot info is fairly incomplete - there are mentions of

    some sort of prothean artifact, "the catalyst," "the crucible," and an actual, living prothean

    but not much on what these things actually are or how exactly they are used to defeat the Reapers.



    Five bucks says that there's a thread right now on the BW social trying to make the fembot romanceable.


    I wouldn't doubt it.



    One of the few things I did actually like is

    the protheans worshiping organic evolution

    . Kinda sets them up as a nice foil to the Reapers.

  15. I was happy to read that according to the leaked plot, my old theory about the Hunters of Dune/Sandworms of Dune Kwisatz Haderach "I'ma merge with the Reapers lololol" ending was correct.


    I've just read through the entirety of the leaked plot, and while it may hint at this it's kinda far from certain. What sounds *really* lame though is

    there are living protheans involved



    If any of you want to read it, here it is:




    It's probably worth nothing that it's far from a complete plot summary - fragmented cutscene directions, mainly, and main quest descriptions.

  16. So, I've heard (indirectly) some rather unsettling "leaked" ME3 info. Stuff like

    the rachni show up and the genophage is cured regardless of any of your choices

    . Go figure.


    If this turns out to be true, BioWare is truly dead. So much for the "big, branching story spanning three games," eh?

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