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  1. Piraters attempted to autheticate the games during launch day itself, overloading the server of Stardocks.


    Sounds like it was leaked. That's not the fault of DRM.


    Sins of a Solar Empire is one of the most successful recent PC games, in terms of both copies sold and reviews. It has no DRM.

  2. Not steam, please. Learn a lesson from Stardock - DRM does not make your sales go up. Look at the success of Sins of a Solar empire, which has pretty much no DRM.


    Actually, based on Stardock's recent game "Demigod", they might have second thoughts now.


    It could simply be that, you know, Demigod wasn't that good?

  3. Still incredibly silly.


    No more silly than being able to freeze time, aim three shots, and unleash them all at once. Or shoot your SMG's without reloading for a period of time. Or slow down time and cause your CQC to become superpowered.


    Really, it's not a critical gameplay mechanic, and groaning about it is nitpicky.

  4. If this invisibility cloak has to exist (which I really don't like), you better provide a good explanation for it (The Stealth Boy in F3 was plausible enough). If it's just like there, it will seriously hinder my enjoyment of the game.


    I don't care that the game's not done completely in accordance to our world laws. I just want a game world that seems plausible... that feels like it could exist somewhere in the universe. If this cloak is just some magical feature that only Mike can use and nobody reacts to or mentions it, I will have a hard time immersing myself into the game world. It's just too obvious to label it as a feature (like rapid shot for example) not worthy of serious mention.


    It's a very short lasting ability which lets him get through a tough spot. I don't see it as gamebreaking at all. It's not like you become invisible for the entire mission.

  5. If I kill an enemy, it should stay dead after I save.


    I am not going to kill the same guy over and over and over to get past a point (which is further down the road and has nothing to do with the guy I am killing over and over) just because the game is defective by design.


    Sorry, but I have never heard anyone complain about the save anywhere in an RPG. On the other hand, I have heard a crapload of complaint about checkpoint save systems. And I wholeheartedly agree with those complaints.


    You console gamers who are used to checkpoints have fun with this game. I, on the other hand, will play one the thousands of other games out there; something that doesn't assume the player is a little kid.


    Don't slam the door on your way out.

  6. I hadn't seen the jeuxvideo footage before. The game looked a lot better than in the gametrailers walkthrough. For me at least.


    Same here. For me the difference is in how proficient he is at taking down enemies with martial arts, that build has much more points in that skill, you see him running frantically taking down ttwo guys very easily, while on the gametrailers footage he takes much longer.


    Also the jeuxvideo footage shows him readying a lock on ability, which is interesting to see.


    Yeah, the combo ending in the flying reverse roundhouse kick to the face was pretty ****ing epic.

  7. Normally in an open-ended game I like to save and then experiment. With checkpoints, I feel like I need to perfect the most obvious route instead so I can get to the next checkpoint. This is better suited to linear shooters IMO.


    That's the point. They don't want you going through a conversation, saying "oh crap, I didn't like that outcome," then loading and trying again. That removes the entire point of the real-time dialogue. Make decisions, make decisions quickly, and make them right, or you suffer the consequences of not saying what you want to say.


    Were they to allow saves at any time, replayability would decline.

  8. Please tell me invisibility is a really high level ability.


    That's what it seems to be. It's not a HAY I GO INVISIBLE ENTIRE TIME type thing. I'm still hopeful for stealth gameplay.


    Plus, the duration looked fairly short relative to the cooldown.

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