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  1. I Play on Xbox one x. I Even checked yesterday if there was any Update to Download, and there isn’t. I Play on a 55” 4K smartv, obviously I won‘t play with my nose touching the screen,   I Play at a reasonable dustance, and this Game is the only instance I have with the subtitles being too small, even when in the configurariam I ask for big. Yes, a Little Bigger subtitles would be apreciated, thank you.

  2. On 11/20/2019 at 6:36 AM, Devilangel58 said:

    I believe it's just a movie reference. Maybe T.V. show reference. I wouldn't know, I only heard about it.

    Yep, it’s a referente to Firefly. The first place in gamewhere we find wholly cow (at least, First that I did) was North of Cascadia, in the Secret Apartment reached by the elevator in the Bridge.

  3. 10 minutes ago, AwesomeOcelot said:

    Yeah the two companion quests I've done are so low effort, not worth the time in terms on gameplay, reward, or story. I don't get it, Obsidian, Troika, Interplay, that's a long line of RPGs with great writing from Fallout to Deadfire. Deadfire and New Vegas have really cool companion quests that come with back stories, reveals, events, rewards, and perks. It just seems so shallow.

    One is in the labs in Byzantium. Maybe there's not enough suitable grazing land on any of the colonies. Didn't really see any farming at all apart from the green house in the botanical lab. Everywhere outside of settlements is crawling with bandits and critters.

    Which is why the work of the Öls Lady at the botânical lab was so remarcable: she accomplished something amazing, against the odds. The Board or one of the companies should have  invested on her, instead none knows About ir, Even the leader of the old , nearby Town, Edgewater. Sophie Even Wants the Captain to obliterate the  City, killing everione, because of the famine in fully ignoring that she had found the Solution.  I was frustrated because I have Given the Control of Edgewater to the old Lady, But had no was to convince Sophie to See what she had done. 

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  4. Hello everybody!

    I Love this Game, and have some questions: Is it possible to...


    1. Complete The exhibit at te Community Center in Edgewater Boy placing a mantiqueen? Our Hunter companion mentions she knows somebody who can do taxidermy and we do kill some mantiqueens, so was ir Coded into the Game or Not?

    2. There are some Characters who Express a Dream of having a different profession or Leaving to another City, such as the owner of the cantina, who Wanted to be an engineer, and the Cook who makes the Special dish for Parvati‘s date, who wanted to Travel away. Can we help them?

    3. What is become of the Former Administrator of Edgewater, After Abigail Takes his Place? 

    4. Can we dennounce the Fake Early Retirement program? Tell the Radio in Monarch, etc?

    5. I saved the cientist that the mercenary Company wanted dead. She was to work with Phineas, But nothing comes out of it!?

    6, Mr. House in New Vegas mentions he wanted to Send settlers and make colonies in the SKY.  So...Is Halcyon his accomplishment?

    All in all, I Really enjoyed the Game and Hope to See more in this Universe.

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