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  1. PS4—CD I made a post a while ago concerning how my playthrough was interrupted by a failure to load texture files that eventually led to the game freezing completely. I decided to just bite the bullet and make a new save file to play until I could fix whatever's gone wrong with my original one. Made it through all the opening cutscenes and the character creation, but once we hit the escape pod and it had to load a first-person view, the same inability to load textures and dialogue occurred. Waited a while, then tried to load the other save file. As usual this resulted in the game freezing co
  2. Playing on a PS4 using a CD. This bug first occurred when I finally stopped putting off the Scylla missions for the sake of actually whittling down my growing pile of side quests. I took Max and Felix out to go find the Hermit. They bantered upon exiting the ship, and heading down the elevator. We fought a couple of monsters, then when I approached the DHL Terraformer dialogue subtitles popped up for Max and waited there for him to speak. This has happened occasionally on the Unreliable, so I figured I'd just wait it out. Except, instead of the dialogue loading in a few seconds, it never came.
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