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  1. 21 minutes ago, Firefly said:

    THANK YOU @crackjackx !!  It worked!!!

    Don't Bite the Sun and  Friendship Due both were still showing Botched after 1.2 patch. 

    I followed @crackjackx suggestion from PD Support of returning to the ship, hitting Parvati with a Melee weapon (and shot gun just to be sure). She did not move towards ladder like they said she would, then I talked to the computer, then exited the ship and chose BOTH Parvati and Felix as companions and boom, both of their quests were unbotched.  

    I'm on X-box one.  I didn't  reinstall, clear the cache or go back to an earlier save...I just continued from an autosave.   I hope this works for others having the same issue.  

    Glad to know it worked for you! I couldn't make mine work. However, last night I found that the quest has become unbotched after getting the v1. 2 patch! 


    Strange that we are seeing different results with the patch. I just hope there's no other weird botching stuff down the line. It'll ruin a otherwise superb game. 

  2. Got this message from Private Division support today:



    Hey ~ 

    Have you had a chance to try out the workaround? Could you let me know if it worked for you or not? 

    If not, we should be releasing a patch (1.2) this week, assuming no major issues is discovered, so keep a eye out for any potential fixes and let me know if the quest remains botched after the update! 

    Kind regards, 
    Private Division Support

    I'm hoping the patch finally fixes this issue...

  3. This is the latest reply I got from Private Division support:


    Hi ~, 

    Thanks for the video and I apologize for the delay. 

    We became aware this morning of a possible workaround that was discovered by a player which can possibly resolve bugged botched companion quests. I do not know whether this will work for you, but while you have the botched quest, try this: 

    1. Head inside your vessel.
    2. Parvati should be leaning on the wall as usual inside your vessel. Attack her once with a melee attack. This should prompt her to move towards the ladder and climb in.
    3. Race towards any other NPC and speak to it (ADA is probably the easiest/closest). This will trigger the condition for the original bug that 'broke' the companion.
    4. Wait a minute or so, then close the conversation and exit the Unreliable while bringing Parvati with you.  

    This "should" refresh the quest and allow its objective to be completed. 

    Let me know if this works for you or not! 

    Best wishes, 
    Private Division Support


  4. I first encountered the Parvati companion bug when I came to Roseway ("The Distress Signal" quest) - the quest "Sapphire Wine" was labeled botched, saying Parvati was dead. Went back to the ship, found her, and could add her as companion, which brought back the Sapphire Wine and I was able to complete it. However, now that I've come to Stellar bay, the next quest Don't Bite the Sun is stated botched again (stating the same "Parvati has died" reason), while Parvati is still in my group. I can't start the Don't Bite the Sun quest.

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