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  1. Remember is not about a discount, is a risk, the game can be good or bad...


    I am aware that that a bad game could have been the outcome. I was just outlining what backers got over non-backers since some people were acting like being a non-backer was 100% better than being one since they could pre-load before us.



    You do also forget that we spent our money on a chance to get a game. Kickstarters do fail and you get nothing for your money. So there is more involved than getting the game cheaper, it is making the game more likely to be released, but still you put your money out there at a risk.

    Maybe some look at this like a producer, you gave them the money beforehand and you would expect to get to see the results (or in this case play) before others who did not put their investment into the game at a risk.


    When I backed Obsidian, I expected them to try to make a game without being held down by a publisher. That is what they have done. I did not expect to play the game earlier than non-backers because that is not something they promised.

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  2. What Backers get:

    Cheaper game and, if picked a higher tier, access to extras at a cheaper price

    Exclusive in-game items

    Being part of the development and having our input taken into consideration

    Access to the beta

    Buying the expansion at a cheaper price


    What Non-Backers get:

    Ability to pre-load a couple of hours earlier than backers and then unlocking the game at the same time


    Would it be nice to have the key right now? Yes, but this is just making a mountain out of a mole hill.

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  3. Communication could have been better with the backers with regards to physical items, review streams etc. But they are still on target to deliver us an awesome game on the 26th. I'm sure they are very busy with day 1 patch as well as all the press etc they will have going on. As well as the launch party. So until 00:01 26/03 CHILL OUT.


    But I'm a very important Kickstarter investor who literally saved Obsidian from destruction.

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  4. I name my characters within the naming conventions of where they're from and their race. Right now, I'm using the wiki as a guide to try to come up with a name for my character. Her name is Antha which is something I came up with on the fly for use in the beta. I want to transform that name to make it sound more Italian unless I find a name I really like. I don't usually pick a name based upon their meaning, but just something that sounds right for that character.

  5. I collected a bunch of custom portraits early on just cause I like option but now that I'm set playing an Orlan I'm stuck with whatever portraits the game comes with since there really aren't any suitable alternatives out there, and from what I've seen none of them really light my fire. They're not bad by any means, they're all quite good, but none of them stick out to me as my character. 


    Yeah, the non-standard fantasy races are particularly hard to find. When I tried searching for Godlike, they were either too human or too alien. I didn't bother with Orlan because I knew I would just get a bunch of furry pics.

  6. Oh not this again :) Go read the Kickstarter FAQ. We are actually entitled to what was promised or a full refund.


    What's happening here is people who did not necessarily back are going to get access before us.



    Backers aren't entitled to a refund if the project creator has shown that they made an effort to make the project sucessful or explained where the funds went. A refund is only one of the ways the creator can satisfy their obligation to their backers should they fail to finish the project.

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