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  1. All the pressure is in your own head, mate. You don't have to do everything at once right away and perfectly. There's always another day, just chill.
  2. It's very on theme for Disco Elysium to go down in blazes of war between corporate greed and creative collective. I'm okay with it never getting any sequels, it was obviously a lightning-in-a-bottle kind of game.
  3. Hey, The Sisters of Mercy is the Goth band. Listened to them a lot in my formative years. Anyway, here's the lady who belongs in the 70-ties in the best sense of the world. (The video almost makes me wish for a nuclear winter for some reason though)
  4. DA2 had its dark moments, but most of them were hidden in optional lore tidbits you wouldn't come across if you didn't know where to look (like origins of Kirkwall city). Now Inquisition, that was a lukewarm bowl of unseasoned oatmeal, but even it had memorable moments and companions were the highlight (though I still think Varric had no plausible reason to be there). Sometimes I remember those moments and briefly think of replaying DA:I, but then remember vast empty plains littered with respawning groups of three dudes, lootless titanium bears with homing systems, random collectibles and...yeah, nah. From what I saw about BG3 companions + extrapolating from D:OS2, I'd probably want to toss them all into Skaen's blood pool as soon as possible.
  5. Very hack'n'slashy. Eh, not gonna go upgrade PC just for this, but some day on 75% discount would.
  6. Watched Berserk, 'cause wanted to see what inspired the game I seem unable to quit recently. None of that horror at the end would have happened if only Griffith had courage to ask Gutz out.
  7. Woot I can see videos again!
  8. Wonder how long till they start flaunting corpses of their kills.
  9. I had some ~*Dark Souls experience*~ with Fear and Hunger for myself over a weekend, that is, played a number of sessions without the savescumming mod and just let bad luck take me wherever. It went like this: † Won three Necronomicons in a row, won the coin toss to read them all without going mad and consequently dead, lost the toss to a monstrosity next door, died; † Had a lucky streak with good armor and weapons, won the coin toss for successful rest, but it appears that if you don't kill this one really weak enemy beforehand, he drags you to his torture room where you, well, eventually die; † Forgot to give the little girl I rescued from the cage her whiskey and opium, she got too sad and left; † Some **** of a mage sang my limbs away, fortunately was able to will myself into suicide; † Defeated some monstrosity surprisingly easily, it dropped a thing that would cancel annoyances like bleeding, infection and worms away, couldn't equip it because of cursed item in the slot; † Okay, "What if I jump into the latrine?" is entirely on me. And that's with mercifully brief combat. If I had to experience all this plus a drawn-out twitch-based fight before kicking it? Gimme that sweet Necronomicon. On the savescumming runs, one party failed forward straight into their goal, unfortunately the dude I was hired to rescue turned up dead, so hauled my arse all the way back to see if I were allowed to leave since what's the point of staying there anymore? Indeed I was allowed to leave, got "Ending E", which implied endings A, B, C and D. Went to game's wiki and it appears I missed, like, 90% of game? Okay good. Wasn't planning to quit it any time soon anyway.
  10. Black Hawk Down. It is kinda amusing how a film about American event involving very American dudes has a cast with half, if not more, British actors. Also an Aussie and a Dane. Probably because the director was a Brit too.
  11. Now when I think there's quite a number of games with great worlds made by solo devs. Fear and Hunger, Kenshi, RImworld, Stardew Valley...I probably should pay more attention to indie scene. If only itch.io weren't an embodiment of Sturgeon's law.
  12. I'm a bit peculiar SW fan. Liked the original trilogy and even the next one also KOTOR, loved KOTOR2 and Andor, not a fan of idiots with laser sabers, space out knowledge that Extended Universe exists. Had no interest whatsoever in any SW game after SWTOR, which I still play sometimes but that's more like visiting Bioware's grave. Guess that makes me more of a Bioware fan than SW's.
  13. Fear & Hunger, little indie horror RPG where horror seems to be tailored for my tastes. Creepy art, creepy disturbing soundscape, grotesque monstrosities, dungeons you can practically smell, so much to love It's also laughably unfair ("Hey hero, pick your traits. You wanna fast movement or tripper?") and unforgiving, which by itself wouldn't be too bad, but combine it with extra stingy save system and horror gets diluted with one of the most unfun things to experience, tedium. So after first twenty or so assortedly amusing deaths I installed 99 saves mod and can finally experience my atmospheric horror in nice short pieces before bedtime if I wish so. With its Wiki open though, because it doesn't explain mechanics and what are all these things in inventory either.
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