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  1. On 11/17/2020 at 12:58 AM, Tale said:

    Got dragged back into Destiny 2. I'm not sure why, it always fail to live up to the promise it presents.

    Previously, it was nice coming in late to enjoy stuff after it had settled. But this time they deleted half the game.

    That's pretty  much me as well. Although i must say seeing the Cosmodrome brought back some great memories. I was actually overwhelmed when i first landed.

  2. Destiny 2 Beyond Light.  No really. September DLC releases are usually real fun . it's those from january to next september that are usualy more lackluster.


    And i want my Demon's souls remake to be great. But i have to get Ps5 for that... which might take a while. I didn't and won't bother with preordering. I'll buy it when i see it in a store. Digital edition of course.

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  3. I want to play more Wasteland 3 but i can't seem to get interested enough.

    I want to get back into Destiny before the next Expansion but can't.

    I've played some MHW Iceborne but the damn tempered super saiyan monkey made me quit in rage and tears, mostly tears.

    Warzone i still play almost every day. Am not very impressed by Black ops Cold war reveal, hopefully the don't **** up warzone ( more) with it's release. I especially don't want those terrible gun animations and sounds.

    There is also that game BOTW that i play whenever i pick up the Switch pro controller instead of DS4 by mistake.  Maybe i should go defeat that 2nd  divine beast some day soon.

    Desperados 3, C&C remaster, THPS 1+2 will probably reamain on the wishlist for now, probably next year as well. 😕

    I wonder where BG3 will fit into all of this.

  4. 1 hour ago, majestic said:

    The save files also seem to have hash information and two file size values. If you play around with the files you might get... dunno, some sort of weird crap from the game when it realizes during loading that the save's been tampered with.

    check this out.



    it actually works.


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  5. On 8/30/2020 at 10:40 PM, majestic said:

    Given the file size of the save games I'm assuming that is some form of compression.

    I'm not sure that was such a good idea on inXile's part. I read a few posts about wrap around troubles with variables, like people suddenly having a negative 90% crit chance and fun stuff like that. Would be easily fixable with regular XML files.

    Kingmaker had easily editable save games (albeit terribly large ones) and that allowed me to actuall finish the game. I would have been stuck at a non-firing event at some point without the ability to simply set a new event date. Well "simply" as it is, but anyway. I'm sure someone will figure it out. Sooner than later. :)

    Also it seems I was wrong about combat always starting for the enemy. They all just seem to have ridiculous initiative values.

    Kind of love the humor in the game, and the item descriptions. "Goes pew pew pew when fired" for laser pistols and "It's a motherf'ing laser shotgun. What else could you want?" xD

    Someone actually figured out a way to add items into savegames, but it's looks like quite  a process to set up. I'll try that, if it doesn't work i'll just play on 😄

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