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  1. Hi folks,

    I'm stuck on Radio Free Monarch. I think I have everything done but don't see a dialog option with Sanjar Nandi to stop the MSI/Stellar Bay Transmission.

    Looking at the quest log I have Completed the following:

    • Speak with Nyoka at Stellar Bay
    • Help Nyoka with Her Hangover [Passion Pills]
    • Speak with the Information Broker at Devil's Peak


    • Help the Broke Deal with MSI and the Iconoclasts - is not complete but the stuff below is
      • "BOLT with His Name"
      • "Errors Unseen"
      • "The Commuter"
      • "Pay for the Printer"
        • You were able to put a stop to the Iconoclast transmissions.

    So it looks to me like everything is done but I can't finish the quest.  What am I missing?



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