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  1. Just ran into this when trying to finish the quest up. Zora told me that she know's I don't think rationally or the like. Seems, there's apparently an additional quest "Sucker Bait" that Zora was supposed to give, if you've met some optional objectives on previous faction quests "The Commuter" and "Pay for the Printer".

    I had met these requirements but was never able to get the quest, and I checked with Zora several times because something like a coup was basically telegraphed by the plot so far, but never got anything. So either the half dozen Wikis and Walkthroughs for the game, I just consulted are missing another hidden prerequisite, or the quest is bugged.

    I guess I'll put the game down until this is patched, as I either go for best ending or bust. If this is working as intended and I just forgot something, this would probably mean putting it down for good. It'd mean replaying at least 4 hours of the game and I don't have the time. And honestly, I thought the "haha, you forgot a tiny detail ages ago, so you're borked now!" crap died with Sierra's adventure division.

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