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  1. We already have a jester of the Obsidian Order. Are multiple titles allowed? What do you guys think? I would like say no. But order may get so many members that we must. I think so too. Please choose another title awsomeness. Of course, it was an honest mistake. Has ironic clown been taken?
  2. First day of classes today. Totally ready for another year of learning and awkward social interaction!
  3. I have decided that instead of lurking here I'd actually try posting something. It's not going well.
  4. Sorry that I am a bit new at this, but I'm not entirely sure exactly what flavor of item you would like me to choose.
  5. Alright, here goes. Wallace Jarkin is a Half-orc raised by humans. He has spent most of his career travelling as a caravan guard and has earned some small reputation as someone willing to go to any length to protect his cargo and his allies. He is, of course, very strong and can take a hit as well as he can give them. His major weaknesses would be low intelligence and horrible speaking abilities. I'm not entirely sure if I did this right, but I guess I'll see.
  6. Well thank you! Unless of course that wasn't meant for me. In which case, carry on.
  7. Would it be too late to get in on this? Seems like it could be fun.
  8. That's 194,000 more people than my town has.
  9. Today, my grandpa helped get the radio in my truck fixed. We also disconnected it from the headlights, something the previous owner so kindly had done for us. My great-grandmother's attacker was sentenced to 20 years in prison, when they were only hoping for 14. And my grandma's birthday was today, so I guess it was a fairly good day.
  10. Went to my aunt's house to find that it had been burglarized, so I stayed there for a good portion of the night.
  11. We pulled out my grandparent's 50 year-old projector and watched some of their old home movies.
  12. I think I'll vote Tale, for stealing creepy dude from me and then not being here.
  13. 1. My opening line will be to compliment her on her very stylish top and how well she seems to have put her outfit together (although in reality it is the ugliest thing I have ever seen). 2. My gift is going to be the a basket from Bath and Body Works containing assorted bath salts and hand creams, because everyone loves to recieve cosmetic supplies. 3. Her experiences with men have obviously been less than ideal. I will show her that I care and listen to problems, telling her the whole time, "I understand", and then relate to her the stories of my childhood bullies who all thought that I was gay. 4. Subtly, hoping that "reasonable education" means she isn't that bright, and won't understand my joke.
  14. Some friends and I were joking about this earlier today. We weren't laughing at the dead guy, we were laughing at the fact that when we were in the mountains over the weekend we should've been worried about goats instead of bears.
  15. Well then I am metrosexual. I just want to keep this as similar to my real life as possible.
  16. I am most definitely creepy dude.
  17. Really? I've never seen this happen, and I know a fair amount of people on both sides. Maybe it's being raised with a catholic family that actually is reasonable that makes me think that would just be odd.
  18. The opening night of this year's haunted house was last night. Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year.
  19. While I can't really say he handled this right, I do like the guy's style. I guess I'm more in agreement with Hurlshot on this issue than with anyone else.
  20. Finally got my trucks stereo working.
  21. I may be selling my truck here pretty soon if it's worth anything. First I need to find out if it's worth anything. If it isn't I might as well keep it awhile, try to fix it up a bit.
  22. Sorry, the way I worded that first post was not the way I meant for it to sound. I should probably just stop posting in these topics, because I really only hurt my arguments, but I'm a slow learner so here it goes. I can agree with most of what you've said here. I think just about everybody knows that the government has gotten excessively large in the past few years. However, I don't believe that going completely back to the government outlined in the Constitution is the way to go. They do need to loosen their hold on some things, but letting everything go I think would be disastrous. I also don't think we are less free, just that the government is more free than it used to be.
  23. I may be wrong on this but I'm getting the impression that you really want to live in the 1800's. That just doesn't seem feasible because it's been about 100 years since they've been gone. We can't be held back just because you aren't ready for change. And not the Obama-change or liberal-change, just good old-fashioned forward moving progress. I somehow can't see how the founding fathers could have possibly planned for every little thing that's happened in the past 200 years in our little government-shaping document.
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