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  1. I really liked TOW, but like many of you I also thought the story and world could use a bit more work. The game's critique of capitalism felt pretty hollow and the game's tone was all over the place. It wanted to be Futurama but also serious. What made Fallout great was the it was an extremely depressing game with some dark humor sprinkled on top. It seems that the devs went for the reverse (a "fun" world but with a layer of depression underneath) but missed the mark. I don't dislike this new style, but obviously the devs need to find the right balance.

    The game also had a lot of worlds, but they weren't large or had a lot going on. For TOW 2 I think it would be better with fewer but larger worlds. Make each of them more impactful (more quests, locations, enemies, player homes, etc.) 3 worlds max would honestly be fine for me. I hated having to spend time going to my ship, entering it, speaking to the console, then waiting for a load screen, then exiting the ship to finally be at a new world where I had like 1 quest to complete. Fewer worlds!

    3rd person mode would also be great so we can see the character we made.


    I see TOW as a series that isn't as big and ambitious as Elder Scrolls or Witcher. I don't need a giant world map with 300 dungeons, 100 weapons, 200 enemy types and tons of other bull****. New Vegas was made in 18 by reusing assets and using the same engine, do that for TOW 2. What matters is the role playing, not that it has the newest rendering system and that you have to redo every rock and tree texture. I think TOW 2 has the potential to be a masterpiece.

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