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  1. yeah....

    that's the understatment of the year!

  2. the idea is. if god exists, why does all the evil happen? So... they put God on trial. Watch it. It's a great movie!

  3. Hate the sin. Love the sinner.


    so I guess you could say.... i love homosexuals... i just don't like homosexuality. I watched an iteresting movie... It was called "God on trial". It's about jews in a german death camp.

  4. Tax breaks none the less. It's not that I'm against equal rights and all. It's just that equality doesn't happen over night. The sudden cut in taxes will greatly affect the country.

    btw, merry christmas.

  5. my open disagreement on the issue of homosexuality can hardly be considered hate. you disagree with the validity of religion. can this disagreement be considered hate? i don't know. that's up to you.

  6. at a level that God does. Can you know the hearts and minds of men. NO! Is there any indisputable supporting evolution? NO! Have any definite transional forms been found? NO! "Bashing?" does disagreeing with the morality of it count as "bashing"?

  7. the Bible mentions a great flood. Why is it that nearly every civilization has a story about a great flood? Again... the existence of the universe is a great example of an evidence! as for you being more righteous than God... if you think that... you're not only wrong... you're crazy! what is justice to God may not seem like justice to you. Then again... you don't see on a

  8. *bangs head on table*

    AHHHH!! who knew that religion on this site was such a touchy issue. i just get done with a talk with someone and then here comes DeadlyNightShade having to make me have to go over everything all over again. *sighs*

    oh well....

  9. much as the next person. and I'm a christian!

  10. fear? HAHAHAHA!

    who does it strike fear into?

    yes. the murderer and the rapist should have no fear of any just punishment in this life or the next. *sarcasm*

    the people who fear God are the people with good reason to fear Him. just think about paying for everything you've done wrong. doesn't that scare you? should you be scared? of course! i fear it just as mu

  11. oh. it's ok. same here. personally, i thought both of them were terrible choices. although, i do have high hopes for Obama now that he's president. i'm very eager to see if he can make his vision for the future to come to pass.

  12. to be made (and this time with the whole world).

  13. where in the bible does it say that these laws are to be practiced forever? i have no knowledge of such a passage. could you find it?


    the gift that was supposed to be to jews only (jesus). was given to everyone else when they rejected him. their rejection of jesus was the break in the contract with God (also known as the covanent or the old testament). so... a new contract had

  14. God promised to give the jews something special (jesus). he gave them signs from the prophets (who they stoned and killed for blasphemy). the blood of bulls and goats didn't have the power to wipe away sin (it merely pushed the sin away till the next year). something had to happen to allieviate this problem... that problem was solved with jesus(the ultimate sacrifice).

  15. a homosexual (murderer, adulterer, fornicator, etc)

    can't be saved if we stone him to death on the spot can we? yes...the punishments in the old testament were immediate and severe. let me explain.

  16. we say blow off all the old rules about stoning people to death because.... Jesus did change the law.

    read II Peter 3:6

    (The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentence.)

  17. murder is hate filled killing. it's the evil intention behind the killing that's wrong. your examples of righteous killing are correct. self defense, war, and justice killing (capital punishment) are not considered murder.

  18. killing and murder are not the same thing. the bible says "thou shalt not murder". some christians take that scripture and turn it into "thou shalt not kill"

    (and then become vegetarians). God hates what Cain did to Abel (the first recored murder). but He requires animal sacrifice? what is up with that!? you may ask.... well.... God hates murder. not killing.

  19. why don't you put that negative energy into doing something more positive? like helping people (with the money you would use for hookers)? don't worry... God will wipe us out.

  20. *laughs* i'm already on the dark side of the see-saw. maybe someday someone will change my mind.

  21. i used to listen to ICP.... i don't like them anymore though.

  22. before the game came out? COOL!

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