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  1. It’s been a good 2 week in-game days and none of the quartzite I’ve found has respawned. Anyone have any idea as to how long it takes now?
  2. Ability to customize characters: Armor dyes by locating paint cans or household items that could change the character aesthetically. Or maybe find different fibers where we could customize a shirt? -Ability to find backpacks that could change the colors of your backpack. Similar to the SCA.Bs located around the backyard. A way to break weapons and armor to get items back. Ability to have a tier III shield from Burr that could re-bounce damage back to the enemy on a perfect block. Ability to zoom closer when connecting zip lines that are far away. Peep does not go far enough. -Please don’t rearrange my backpack items - Ability to TAME A WOLF SPIDER PLEASE!!! We have the cards and having gold cards. Maybe give the player the option to tame a wolf spider when the player has killed a certain amount of wolfies. Or get a mutation that allows the player to be able to tame a wolf spider, but make it so that the player has to do something grand to be able to unlock that mutation. Give veteran players ability to stand out. We’ve been enjoying the game guys, thank you and can’t wait for full release!
  3. This is only under multiplayer occurring to the player who is NOT the host. (Xbox x/s) Base building: Entire base collapses when deleting a blueprint. (Have video). Has happened multiple times. Constant glitching where player gets thrown back when walking through base entrance or stairs, hallways, etc. When fighting Orb weavers, player sees inside of body after unsnapping out of a stuck web. Have to reset game. Occurring mostly around the shed and termite area: host knocks pupa from ceiling and falls in one area. Player and host see the same pupa fall in different spots and only host can harvest it. Player sees it but can’t. Player being damaged or launched when stepping on fallen clover leaves, grass and weed stem. Wolf and Infected wolf seeing stuck in some areas and bouncing. Comments: Gardening: Would be great if the harvesting would have the ability to ‘take all’ on the smaller items like plant fiber. We keep opening the menu when we try to grab each fiber or we damage the pot when using our axe. Would be nice to implement more details to the gardening. Also if we could grow more items or berries, even if they take longer to harvest. I have no issues whatsoever on my single player game but the multiplayer could really use some love. Thanks guys! IMG_7954.MOV
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