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  1. Okay, but does anyone know how big launch day patch will be, or when for PC users? If not I will just wait for something to pop up in the News and Announcements section about patches. TIA~ Just wondering if I can stay up and play a bit or if it will take doubly long due to it having a 30G-ish day one patch. If it has one, I will just go rest up for that epic play session in the morning. 😄


  2. Honestly, I only pre-ordered on this one so that I wouldn't spend all my spending money on payday and run out on the 25th (or 24th here). There wasn't really any bonus to preordering that I saw anywhere. I only did it to secure the game because we didn't get paid for another couple weeks and watching gameplay footage for two weeks would be agonizing not to mention spoiler filled ew. 


  3. No, it just shows up in my Epic Games library and says "available 10/25" However the map that is also on this forum shows 10/24 at 6pm (Texas) as available. I assume this is when it will open up to preloading. Yeah it was a direct digital purchase through the Epic Games interface, when you buy it, it just shows up in your library and either lets you download it then or says when you can. I hope this answers your question. ;)


  4. I have five game platforms. I went to my Windows 10 startup and just made tiles for each and put them all on one big tile. Easy peasy lemon squeezy~ Sure I might have to click a couple buttons once in a while to find which platform the desired game is on but really first world problems right? What I'm trying to say is just put them all on one tile, tab or button and then it really doesn't matter much which platform you have them on. I am in no way committed to only one platform. Certainly if it means going off Steam to get a great game like Outer Worlds, call me a leapfrog!~ 😄


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