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  1. Your new sig is the greatest thing ivee ever seen

  2. what are you doing devoting your profile to Modern Crapfare? huh? :shifty:

  3. holy galt thats a crapton of metal... also, Eminem is NOT pop rap.

  4. To be honest I haven't gotten a chance yet... It's next on my list, though... And why in the name of god would I know what a dingo is???

  5. ME1 is an oddly nonspecific answer... :)

  6. You're back too? When did everybody and their mothers decide to show up again?

  7. Where is that shepard from, anyway?

  8. Don't worry about LoF; he's mostly harmless, just infuriating with his smug irrationality...

  9. That's pretty much the definition of politics, which is why I can firmly see why the anarchists think the way they do...

  10. BTW, that shepard pic is great...

  11. The deletion of the friends list seems rather random,,, And, ohhh yeah, ME2 is ****ing great... I still prefer the first though... And I'd still rather have my goddamn k3... *deep, cleansing breath*

  12. What exactly about Commiedom is it that makes you devote your life to trolling its so-called virtues?

  13. Heh... I didn't think many people knew about RK... Guess I was wrong...

  14. lolcats and epic fail are the same thing

  15. Did you REALLY jack my profile idea? Terrible person.

  16. Yeah, we're all pissed off over here.... especially me...

  17. 10 bucks you don;t get either of those references... noone does anymore, its a sad fact

  18. the overall story is something like: he got pissed off, kicked some ass, took some names, went in Reggie-style, kicked more as, became the most badass Lord of any sort since Laharl

  19. lol... lucky for you i didn;t change it like I was going to...

  20. look next to where my name is on my profile

  21. A. No, he's WAY after Kotor... and no, he destroyed the Sith from Korriban... and was that last one a result of A. crack or B. a bad click?

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