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Status Updates posted by VampireOrchid

  1. Alive and Kicking. I've just been a little hopless for KOTOR...know what I mean

  2. Yup, before the game came out. Ppl say she looks like me, so I put that as a profile pic.

  3. I just typed in Star Wars the force unleashed in google images...and boom there she was

  4. Interesting discussions going on your comment wall here lol

  5. YAH RIGHT ON!!! Star Wars Rock band lol!!!

  6. Love love love love loveeee the Carthj/Atton scene you got going here!!! Very cute!

  7. That's the creepiest Profile pic i've ever seen!! Congrats, I'm going to have nightmares lol nice job!!

  8. That pic looks like a screen from Robot chicken...man I love that show...Anyways, thought I would let you know that I like your new pic :D

  9. I totally forgot to check out your vids!! *slaps her forhead* I will check'em tonight if I get a chance!

  10. I will check it out as soon as I get some time too lol...probably in two days :D

  11. I will be doing more KOTOR vids...just might be a while till I post another. Got lots of stuff going on lol...you should send me the link to your vids :D

  12. Oh wow I just watched that youtube vid you have there...LMFAO omg lol that was funny as hell!

  13. why was he banned?

  14. War of the Words lol

  15. Hahaha...I know...I'm just razzing you lol

  16. Ewww lol...i'm going to have nightmares now...ewww

  17. Hey! I know you lol! See I knew you were following me LOL

  18. I'm always around...just haven't posted much on this site in a while ;)

  19. Naked Kreia...ewwww

  20. I posted a link in my about me stuff to my first kotor fan fic :D

  21. Lol it's ok I still like you ;)

  22. Uhmmm sorry what do you mean Character love stories? Look where? lol remember I'm new at this site lol

  23. lol none of those links worked LOL

  24. why were you forced to change it? Mine is a marvel thingy too...Am I going to have to do the same?

  25. Nice new profile pic ;)

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