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  1. Some ideas for the effects, just in case: Berath: Bonus to Restoration spells when an ally is downed (Acceptance of inevitability; and cycles, since you will be reviving them), and graze to hit, hit to crit when the enemy is near death (inevitability) -1PL to Protection Skaen: The Woedica effect is perfect for Skaen (Building resentment) Woedica: Hitting with condemnation and punishment gives bonus to PL. Missing with condemnation and punishment gives penalty to PL(Reinforcement of the right of the autority) Magran: Penetration instead of AR, and action speed instead of weapon damage (consumption, war, firearms)
  2. Hello. I am creating some crew members for my playthrough, and with the master and legendary crew members being available but being just regular (with no previous npc content) I want to make my custom crew (imaginarly developed characters) be able to reach these ranks q1. Does anyone have any idea of how to change the crew member’s limit of ranks that can be earned? Is set to 4, I want to change it to 5 (or 6 if q2 is answered) q2. How do I change the experience needed to earn ranks? Thanks!
  3. What about adding a prejudicial effect to the kith meat food, and make Corpse-Eater immune to it?
  4. Probably i just don’t know english. Zahua is actually my favourite companion. In the humour i was thinking on those parts where the game doesn’t take itself serious(yes, for short moments); or that Marvel humour if that means anything, present mainly in companions and dialogues options
  5. There seem to be a lot of good portraits in this threats, is there a compilation or something?
  6. Name: The word of Berath (for Berath) Why: To experience the initial plan for priest subclasses that was changed for being kind too restrictive and regrettable Description: Many messages need exhaustive interpretation, but this may led to misinterpretations, something unwanted in the pursuit of a strict worship. You can feel a minuscule presence inside this small piece of adra. Somehow makes convictions towards [god] stronger, and reminds of the basic, indisputable teachings of [god] Effects: -Cant cast spells of [protection, condemnation, inspiration, etc] According to the original plan for each subclass (one trinket for each god) -Increased power level to automatically learned spells of each subclass Or if not possible to restrict spells: Effects: -General reduction of power level Spells: Automatically learned spells for each god ,with increased power level ----------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Unity Why: Roleplaying and lack of general base priest subclass Description: At first sight some beliefs seem oppose others, but an long meditation will often lead to the understanding that is not so with the gods.This collar has a disk that somehow has the symbols of each of the gods individually... at the same time. Contained spells: The last two spells of every subclass, but with reduced power level Effects: General small reduction to power level
  7. Kind of sad he didn’t mentioned the "lighter" tone, since I’ve seen them being mentioned quite a lot and was the biggest let down for me. In PoE this scenes where great and even brighter because of the contrast with the general tone of the game, in Deadfire there is a too much silly humour for me. Great talk anyway
  8. How do i change the loading screen? I want to replace it with something like the PoEI’s adra wallpaper or Deadfire’s first scene Eothas Thanks!
  9. This is great! The tone and this are the reasons i haven’t played the game yet even after a huge hype. I will definitely start my playthrough with this when i get time Ed: @Tyr62, any chance you add a 14 members version if possible? Just to get all the content, ugly interface doesn’t matter.
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