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  1. haha, cute! I don't want to be Carth but I wouldnt mind being WITH Carth! lol

  2. lol thank you!

  3. oh goodness! I forgot to mention that one! We went to that one too! lol I am going to live in Jacksonhole, Wyoming someday! Its gorgeous!

  4. Thanks! We went to The Petrified Forest, The Painted Desert, The Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore, Arches National Park and finally Mesa Verde National Park! Amazing huh? It was definitely one of my fav trips!

  5. I just got back from my 2 week road trip! We went to a whole bunch of National Parks. It was so awesome, but now I feel out of loop! lol

  6. Holy Cow, I haven't had any new comments in awhile! Where did everyone go?

  7. although they look a bit pasty though don't they? lol

  8. Hey look! I actually caught the whole MAN PANTIES thing! Yay for me! lol And yay for you putting it up!

  9. haha, I think your emptiness is quite screwed now!

  10. whoops....my bad...

  11. Your comment section was looking kind of lonely so I thought I'd spruce it up a bit! Your welcome! =P

  12. So how old are you anyway? =P

  13. heehe, your welcome! I can't believe I hadn't already!

  14. Tornado sirens! Whoa!

  15. Hey now! I happen to like Stargate!

  16. I feel like I should thank you all for making my page a little less lonely looking! =D

  17. haha, thats funny! (you content section)

  18. haha, nice storm trooper! =)

  19. Ok! One of these days I'll see the glorious man panties! =P

  20. haha, your exile looks like Carth! Yay for sexy pilots! =)

  21. that is weird. I'll try reloading it again... hmmm

  22. and to think, my wall is the innocent victim in all of this...


  23. Can't we all just get along? =)

  24. You dare imply that our devastatingly gorgeous war hero is obese!!! =

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