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  1. I am in the belief that religion is a touchy subject anywhere lol.

  2. Hey! Sorry it took me so long to answer you! I dont log on to this site that often anymore. :( I spend most of my time on deviantart! Anyway, I didn't vote for Obama but I cant change the election. I'm willing to give him a chance. I just hope he can bring the change to this country that he keeps promising. How have you been?

  3. Hey! Not much! Just surviving! How are you doing?

  4. Lol, yes... I suppose he did! =

  5. Lol, awe thanks! =)

  6. hmm, lol don't think I've heard that one before...

  7. Thank you, that's me. And I'm glad this photo doesn't freak you out! =)

  8. lol, creepy peeps!

  9. Ha, thanks! Thats another one of my pics!

  10. You are 25 now!?! How does that feel? Do you feel old yet? =

  11. Yes, I love photography! Check out my website! Thats where all my art is posted! =) Right now I am taking a semester off to get my Dental Assistant Certification and in January I will be going back to school to finish up my degree in Dental Hygiene!

  12. I won't deny that Dane Cook is cute, but the main reason that I like him is because he is hilarious! I've never heard of Demetri Martin? I like all kinds of music. I have about 10,000 songs in my iTunes!

  13. So whats your Speed Racer count now? lol =P

  14. I'm with you on #4! Clowns scare the crap out of me!

  15. Thanks for the friend add! =)

  16. Thanks! Thats a photo manip by me!

  17. This may be redundant but I just wanted to let you know that your most recent chapter for Tales of an Empathic Metamorph was awesome! I really liked it! Good job!

  18. thats never fun!

  19. lol why? Because I'm so boring? ='(

  20. Haha, NO! Google is pretty much amazing... lol

  21. Psssssst...... hi!

  22. heehee. I just stole that from Google. But thanks! lol

  23. I love your signature!

  24. Hey! So I don't think you ever got around to teaching me how to make vids! =]

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