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  1. what is this I don't even

  2. Eee! Happy birthday to us! (almost)

    And you're a moderater now. Sweet.

  3. Just coming by to say I missss you! Maybe I'll add you on xbox. If you get an invite from tehprincessj don't shun me. <3

  4. Are you playing Alpha Protocol? I LOOOVVVEEE it. And I wasn't expecting to, really. I generally avoid RPGs in which I have to RP a man. :/

    Also: you didn't know what a dingo was? LOL! XD

  5. He's from spaaaace.

    And also ME1.

  6. yussss. And somehow, my friends list got deleted. :?

    R U enjoying Mass Effect 2?

  7. I just copied and pasted directly from Obsidian's page. I myself prefer xbox or PC.

  8. well, the Obsidian front page just says the Aliens RPG is "Coming soon to the PC, PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360." :) I'm excited!

  9. I hear ya. I'd probably be posting on here more if I was playing KOTOR 2 currently. I get like that every time I play it - I feel like talking about it more, then. But I've been playing all kinds of other things the past few months. Still fun to pop in here from time to time.♥

  10. Oops. Meant 2 instead of @.

  11. You didn't know that? It's one of the main reasons I troll these forums. KOTOR @ is my favorite game evah, but it's YEARS old. Look at the main page of THIS forum, and you'll see: Aliens RPG: Speculation & Discussion. That's right, Obsidian's making it! :D

  12. :o Ahhh!

    Yep. Hasn't been much to talk about around here lately. I just need to remind myself how excited I am about the Aliens RPG.

  13. Apologies. I shouldn't have taken my pissiness out on you. Forgive me, K? :)

  14. How the hell should I know? :p It would all depend on the REAL Archie, for people are never as they appear online.. My point is, the second I found out that he was INDEED the Archie from the Obsidian boards, I'd run away. I don't WANT to know my internet friends IRL. I like to keep my 2 lives separate. :D

  15. Only an idiot would ever date someone they me online. Really.

  16. So yeah, cheer up. This is probably a good thing: for YOU. :)

  17. Also, I bought a 3-pack of action figures a couple months back. It's called Evolutions: Sith Legacy. It's got Maul (says Phantom Menace under his name), Nihilus (says Knights of the Old Repulic), and Bane (and under HIS name, it says The Old Republic, with a big TM next to it).

  18. They say the time period begins 100 years before Bane, but they DO plan on continuing this thing "from KotOR 3 to KotOR 6". Also, this thing has been PLANNED for years. Look at your copies of 'Path of Destruction' and 'Rule of Two'. What's that it says? "A novel of the Old Republic".

  19. Honestly? I don't know what YOU'RE so uset about. You LURVE BioWare and prefer K1, so... It would be GAY but not suprising in the least if BioWare decided to "milk the cash cow" and try saying Revan's still alive. Also, you know Bane is PROBABLY going to show up somewhere, right?

  20. What I'm not taking we is that LA and BW decided to kill off Revan and the Exile without so much as an explanation as to how or when. :(

  21. What the hell? Miss you, pooh face. :(

  22. http://www.swtor.com/ I'm SO terribly disappointed. I kknew about the MMO. I just didn't know that it would kill any chance for a K3 like this. The time frame SUCKS. 300 years after K2. and it's looking like K2 never even happened.:(
  23. Yes I'm alone, but then again I always was...

  24. It's OK. I know that it was Archie that said I was semi-old, not you. ;) And he's begged for forgiveness, so... what can I do?

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