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  1. were are the moderators on these fourms! ...they would know ...well they should know.

    Uh, why? :huh:


    i thought you guys would know alot about the game... :o

    I've played it a lot :)


    But as to why it won't run on Vista (which I don't have) with a gfx card (that I don't have) showing symptoms (that I don't have)... well, you get the point.


    Ok, so I am pulling your leg a bit, but moderators are not "know it all" about the game unfortunately, they are just gamers like everybody else.


    I run Windows XP Pro on my old PC, with a gfx card that is 4.5 years old, so I don't run into many "incompatibility" issues.


    Your best bet is, that over the next couple of days, some gamer with a similar problem discovered a work around and shares it. If not, maybe somebody can provide helpful links to places where people discuss technical issues with Vista and older games.


    In any case, I wish you good luck with it :thumbsup:


    thats ok :o


    Its just i was really looking forward to playing Kotor 2 and getting some mods but im fine with waiting ...

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