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  1. Air vents suck!! Really they do. Replace your filters once a month!!

  2. Ah, Krezack is naked. Like thats enjoyable.

  3. HAHAHA! You beat my "pruned" record on the Torture! thread!

  4. you know... what they play on the menu screen

  5. Hey whos vocals for the Halo RP thing?

    *sings the solemn halo theme*


  6. Xard, I'm not scaring anyone away. Though I wish I could scare you away. :shifty:

  7. A lot of people post a question and never return. So you're staying? :shifty:

  8. You be friend?

  9. Still have no gamertag, thats just a joke....


  10. Attention Whore?



  11. Oh god that sounded gay.

  12. Whoo hoo to you!

  13. Reply: Im Walkergrunt now!!

  14. Murderers! You killed marine 1!

  15. You are the actor who played Okona, who've returned and with rage discovered that some crazy members on a board resemble you with a Han Solo-wannabe named Atton, arent you?

    No, sorry. Also, It'd be odd that I'm watching Stargate Atlantis shows instead of Star Trek. :p

  16. You're not macho, you're a Geckling!

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