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  1. Yes, your bank account. :shifty:

  2. You can use my wall for the drunk rants!!

  3. *Darth Vader's breathing*

  4. I find your discovery... disturbing...

  5. Stop fighting! *cries*

  6. (torrent help please) _iIii

  7. *kicks corpse*


  8. Whoo hoo, perhaps?

  9. Hmm - is he short?

  10. Carth boobies? Are you impling admiral onasi is obese?

  11. This thing is more like the Xard Blog, I mean c'mon.

  12. WOW Like who are you talking to, man?

  13. Think that if you wish, D_N, I picture you as a good ol' 55 though I know otherwise.

  14. I'm 8. Sure I am. lol

  15. Happy Birthday kittycat.

  16. Happy Birthday!

  17. Im going through several SW characters. Did vader, yoda... boba fett is probably next in a week or so.

  18. Noticed Gorth is user 666... AHHH!!

  19. Nobody likes rodney. lol

  20. Do you think rodney is hot? :p I saw an episode the other day where sheppard made that gesture in my photo, dont remember what it was called though...

  21. :shrugs: I'll be your sidekick!

  22. Ahg! No lectures! *squeals and runs*

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