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  1. Why you looking at my profile? huh? :shifty:

  2. Hey, sorry I didn't play with you when you messaged me. :( :/

  3. Hellooooooo. Just peeking in again :)

  4. There would be ancient comments on a moderator's profile. Oh well. :shifty:

  5. Internet go down on Dxun or what?

  6. 1 years old now <<<

  7. I'm back again finally!

  8. oh, u posted it. that was a real message, btw.

  9. Love the error messages, btw.

  10. Many episodes have at least one explosion. You'd like the ship combat, too.

  11. My motto is, anyone who posts in a Florida citizen-only profile needs to be exterminated ASAP. Violators! Preparing Aborigine attack squad...

  12. *slippery watery ocean going mammal squeaking and occasional intestinial gas noises among other very fishy and frightening sounds*

  13. It would be awesome if you came to Halo 2...

  14. Boom? As in explosions?

  15. Meh to the "Awesome" pic.

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