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  1. am sorry to say this, but you know what I did after finishing PoEt ? I started up IWD2 with G3 modpack and played it until I was through. I had more fun replaying IWD2 for the 5th time than playing Poet.. and that is not acceptable for a game I backed with the hope of it becoming better than (at the very least) BG1.


    So is the review flamy? Sure.. but it is also not entirely wrong in most the things is brings up.


    To me PoEt is neither the best nor the worst CRPG I ever played. And this simply won't do for a game I backed with the specific goal for it to become the BEST crpg...


    Completed icewind dale 2 for the first time half a year ago, that took me something like 80 hours to do, damn that was a long game, but quite fun!

  2. That turned out to be a lot longer than I anticipated.  I guess I'm going to go back to Arcanum, or F:NV, or maybe Kotor.  But, I've probably played THROUGH those games a total of roughly 10 times.  BG?  Wow, that would probably make it about 15 total playthroughs.  P:OE?  1.3, or something like that.  Maybe I'll finish my 2nd playthrough in the future, when I forget the game a bit.


    May I suggest trying a solo charecter playthrough in PoE? 


    For my part, it's especially important because I have ADHD; real-time combat with a single character can be hard to keep up with sometimes.  Start adding more and it's hopeless; I have to have most of the characters auto-attacking while I try to manually manage one or maybe two.  Comprehensive autopause settings give me the ability to play games like this, especially if I want to use any actual tactics or more than one or two abilities on my people.



    eta: Yeah, I'm sure it'd make combat quite slow and choppy.  That's fine; people who don't like it don't have to use it!



    I would like both included in the game - improved feedback is really needed, but auto pause for turns would also be good. 

  4. Can someone give me a rundown on how to aquire chants or rest and get them? because I've tried resting and putting chants on that prepared chant page but I cannot see any chants in my casting bar after I've rested - so I figure I must have done something wrong...


    Edit - I've just noticed it says combat only... So I think I managed to answer my own question...

  5. If you cripple yourself technic-wise just for nostalgia, you are doing it wrong, imo. They should use the superior technic, which costs them less and is faster to work with. In worst case, they can still add filters and shaders over the whole scene to give it a painted look. Such a thing is not impossible.


    Possible. I will wait with voicing my opinion about this till I see what obsidian is actually going to do. I'm not someone who has so little faith in them that I dont think they haven't thought through this subject extensively and more than people in this thread have, though this is an assumption.

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  6. The question on my mind is - will it have the same quality of writing that the old fallout games had...?


    The comedy of pissing off an enclave guy from the computer in the posoidon (sp) reactor are kind of the depth that I missed in fallout 3. It had depth in a sense but the writing in fallout 3 destroyed the sense of immersion for me. As in I didnt want to play the game anymore because what is a game without the sense of immersion? The escape from reality means a lot to me.


    Fallout 1 and 2 managed to do that pretty well even though the graphics were bad. Gameplay has a lot more to say than graphics imo.

  7. 2) In VATS, whenever you get a hit, heads and limbs will explode, gore and blood will follow - no matter if you have the bloody mess perk or

    have just hit someone with a critical hit.

    I'm fine with gore and blood in Fallout: New Vegas as long as I only (and this is just a wish, not a demand) see heads roll and limbs fly when I have the bloody mess perk and hit someone with a critical hit.


    Well... If you have the bloody mess perk on ALL body parts falls off... Without bloody mess its just the part that you hit. I sort of thought bloody mess was silly for this reason. Dont personally mind the heads falling off and stuff.

  8. In my opinion the best part of oblivion was exploring around. I didnt like the story, or the combat system and i would much rather ignore all oblivion gates because their content didnt appeal to me...




    What I enjoyed a lot about oblivion (and more so than in fallout 3) was just exploring the world. It is a very beautiful craftmanship and it is very immersive just walking around and listening to Jeremy Soule... Almost Zen. :sorcerer: (I think my point is that might enjoy just wandering around listening to dark music)


    Fallout 3

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