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  1. Wow i have no idea why I am suprised that this is still up.How long has it been sense ive been off sense september. Well anywho I didnt play Kotor untill i played the 2nd after i beat the secound i had the urge to play the first.So i went to a friends. In the 2nd i didnt even listen to what they had to say at the start i jsut clicked on a random answer that went well with my first answer or the path i chose.


    (Welcomes self back)

  2. i don't think Revan is the type of person that would put himself in a situation that he would be weak against Nihilus. In another words, Revan will find a way to stop Nihilus's force slurping abilities long before he fights Nihilus.

    yes Revan would endup finding a way to atleast decline Nihilus's abilty to drain the force.But saddly as much as a revan fan i am i would say that it would be a nice fight to see im not siding with ny one on this fight.With Revans strength n the force and blade and Nihilius's Ability in the Force u have to agree with me that,that would have to be a pretty nice fight. =)

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