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  1. ok. it does lol i got used to it hes from my fav Rapcore group Insane Clown Posse

  2. Varial KickFlip

    You Like Coheed and Cambria?

    Wats ur fav song?

    Mines Welcome Home

  3. Lol yea it would.I wouldnt even touch it.

  4. She had brown in the games but in Apocolypse she had Black hair

  5. Wait last time ive checked didnt Jill have Black hair

  6. Yea they r scare the **** out of me

  7. Yea it was oh and im with u on #4 Clowns are some scary **** some1 cant be that happy

  8. Yea the new ones arnt hard. Nope not new ive been here sence 07

  9. Lol but yet wasnt it Arthas him self who destroyed his father and claimed Lorderon for the Scourge.. Yes it was.

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