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  1. it seems somewhere along the line i got confused on the instructions or something. my IOS account has my progress from play for awhile meanwhile a purchased obsidian version on steam is linked to an my asmodee account and am somehow unable to connect them now. since both accounts have different PFID is there a way to either merge them now or disassociate one with the link so i can have the obsidian upgrade onto my ios account?

    Email support@obsidian.net and give them both of your PFIDs and tell them which one you want to keep as your "main".


    Hmm. I wonder if that explains why there is "Mass Brilliance" but no "Brilliance".


    Again, the same as Ethics Gradient said. Developer's choice in publishing brand-new material. The original tabletop Rise of the Runelords had three stat-boosting spells: Glibness, Speed and Strength. These translate to Eloquence, Agility and Strength (why the name-changes? Agility understandable, I think, but Glibness?). The developers could maybe add the remaining stat-boosting card (Toughness and Sagacity are in the game as uncommon treasure cards). So when they added Mass <something>, they added the whole lot of them at once :) as they are at the same level, but probably forgot Brilliance.


    The name change is because in the paper game they want every copy of the same named card to act the same, and presumably that includes the digital game.

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