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  1. Light Assault Rifle uses 'heavy' ammunition, does 18 damage (for my character build)

    Light Pistol uses 'light' ammunition, does 20 damage

    Assault Rifle uses 'heavy' ammunition, does 28 damage

    Since Light Assault Rifle does close to half the damage (compared to Assault Rifle) why hot have it use 'light' ammunition?  It would be a better reason for the poor damage, and if it used 'light' ammunition, then it would actually fill a niche in the player weapons arsenal.  

  2. On 10/25/2019 at 7:00 AM, Shawn Morries said:

    Yes, the items in the skybox are shaking with head-bobbing.  Pls just remove head bobing, or add an option to turn it off. 

    Obsidian decided to make a FPV only game, and with head bobbing not an 'option' to turn off, made a significant portion of players who get FPV-motion sick guaranteed to get sick... 

    Hello!?!  Do any of you read your own forums???  You knew this would happen.  I cannot buy it no matter how much I want to...

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  3. Gawds I hate being the voice of reason! 

    Whingers, is this the first PC game you've owned?  Ask yourself how long did you spend trying to tweak in-game settings, let alone nvidia inspector, or amd equivalent?

    EDIT: at the time of this post OP's post time was 2 hours ago. others much less...  Little to no hardware list, OS, etc... So was this pure whinge or were you trying to actually solve perf issue???

  4. 1 hour ago, the_ragnarokkr said:


    So far, TOW has an 86% metascore, which is outstanding considering it's an old-school RPG with a limited budget and it's not a sequel of an existing IP.  ....

    That's BEFORE release, wait till all the steam fanbois can swarm the public reviews on the 25th and drive it down just because they are mindless steam drones...

    It will happen.

  5. Well, as many of us know, error msgs may appear but can sometimes be red herrings or worse the same one generated for different problems.  BTW, you still haven't said what the error is...  You'd be terrible at bug reporting LOL...

    Turn off ALL unnecessary processes (look at startup list, uncheck boxes...), turn off antivirus etc, have nothing running in background and install with admin, but am sure you tried that already.  It has to be system specific. 

    Make sure drivers are is up to date, even visual C++ redistributable, that often is the problem for me.

  6. Well, forgive me for not noticing a deep buried response back in July. As far as expectations?  Didn't mention any, you seem to have assumed a conclusion yourself, though must admit to some small glimmer of hope... LOL...

    For the PD store, their eula, and terms & conditions of sale pages, not to mention tmk <anywhere> on an official requirements page, as to how the game will be delivered leaves them well open to at least a boatload of refunds...  Just saying, it is not good business sense...


  7. I'm looking at the PD store https://store.privatedivision.com/the-outer-worlds/order

    and think in the past (correct me if wrong) this linked to epic store front, but now it doesn't.  I can't find any mention of Epic on the PD Outer Worlds webpages, again correct me. 

    I copy/pasted the linked EULA https://www.take2games.com/eula/ and searched for "Epic" and there is nothing mentioned about receiving an Epic key or requiring Epic in the EULA.

    ALSO c/p the terms and condition of sale: https://store.privatedivision.com/en_US/docs/cgv there is nothing mentioned about receiving an Epic key or requiring Epic either.



    20 hours ago, WintermuteX said:

    Obsidian lost me as a loyal customer. Do whatever you want, I will NOT forget this. I hate spineless people with no integrity. Bye Bye.

    You have no idea what you're talking about, the publisher decides where the game is sold, stop blaming developers.  Mindless steam addicts need to learn more about game economy, the stranglehold steam has on small developers and now finally choices where the small developers get more for their efforts from new digital storefronts, hopefully supporting more game development which is what matters.  Cut out all middlemen: you can't buy directly from Obsidian, so failing that  Private Division (their publisher):  https://store.privatedivision.com/en_US

    AND don't let the door hit your @$$ on the way out...

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  9. 16 hours ago, DekarServerbot said:

    ...Right now, i am not even opening steam, i don't want to look at what i had done but still i wanted to point that my main reason to buy darq, a game i just invested 20 or 21 minutes (not even beating the first level) and that i won't touch again was because it showed something that obsidian did not: respect.  ...

    Oh my, yet another steam whinge fest...  You are so into steam, yet don't know you can refund a game if played less than 2 hours??? 

    There is no "exclusive" you can buy Outer Worlds at a variety of stores, try the publishers store in fact:  https://store.privatedivision.com/en_US and cut out all middle men, like epic or steam.

    steam currently has a strangle hold on game distribution, taking a disproportionate cut of profits and disrespecting game developers, yet developers feel like they need to sell there to even have a chance.  These new digital game stores are finally emerging, and its about time developers have a choice where they can sell and can get more for their efforts.


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  10. To the post above, yes, a silent segment of gamers getting motion sick in FPV is very real.  I suffer as well, and too f__ing bad devs do not pay attention...

    Those that say 3rd party modded cameras will save the day are naive.  Most FPV-only games have crappy player animations because it makes it much MUCH simpler to finish the game without all the proper mocap for player avatar in 3rd person.  Also set design does not have to take into account camera clipping into walls etc...  The TPV mod for Kingdom Come reveals just how bad/poor/cheap the developers paid attention to player avatar, though who knows the reason for this, money or some other aspect of their strange combat system.

    To those that think people who get game-motion sick are babies and need to man-up, well I challenge you to get on a boat in rough weather and see who vomits first; it will be you not me.

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