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  1. Thanks for the help, SChin. I’ve mailed you the latest save file from a few days ago when I last tried to fix the problem. Appreciate the effort, good luck!
  2. OK no joy. My last save was just before levelling up, and every time I reload (windowed/non-windowed/whatever) I freeze within the first few mins while mousing over text for new skills. Tried three times with the same results. I bought the game 6 days ago and have crashed every single session - hopefully someone can advise anything else I can try.
  3. Reinstalled the game and updated Geforce drivers (running a 980). I played for about an hour or so and got the freeze again while levelling up Xoti. It's never happened while moving characters around or fighting, only when a window like Inventory, Character sheet, Level-up etc is open. I'm running fullscreen, if that matters. I'll try again windowed and see if that makes a difference but I really prefer to run games fullscreen. It's a shame, I'm enjoying the mechanics, story and what little combat I've had so far but the constant threat of crash and the need to save all the time is disappointing. Thanks for any help o/
  4. The symptoms I'm having look similar to these guys. Although mine didn't crash at character creation, the guys in this thread mention it sometimes happens later as well. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/106123-freeze-at-character-creation/ I'll try a reinstall as SChin suggests and see if it's any better tonight.
  5. Hi all I'm playing on Steam and have not been able to progress. Occasionally while viewing/moving items in character inventory or reading/clicking stats and effects for characters the game will completely freeze without coming back. Sound still plays, and if I hit ESC or click outwith the inventory screen I get sound effects to indicate movement etc, but the visuals are stuck displaying whatever I was looking at (Inventory/Character sheet) without change. None of the visuals behind the info screen change either - the only thing indicating the game is registering input is the sound effects. This has happened every session I've played and tonight was the longest I've played without crashing (I'm guessing something like 30 - 50 mins). No crash log is generated but I've attached all the other files. The only thing I've tried was turning off telemetry, but it crashed again after that. Hope you can help, thanks. Fridarey PoE2 Crash.zip
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