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  1. It's a bit early but I'm starting to get the hang of it. The first couple of fights was 'WTF is going on??', I found it quite overwhelming really, I couldn't see what was going on and found it confusing.


    I've been using pause more to slow things down and move around and use abilities, but I never really feel confident that my party is powerful enough to win a combat.


    I'm playing as a ranger, I agree with the need for a companion portrait. Also, are they supposed to have or will have any abilities? Or just attack?


    I'm finding the wizard and priest not that useful so far, I keep looking at all the spells and don't really see anything that I want to use all the time. 


    It also looks more boring than I thought it would be, in Knights of the Old Republic the characters had animations that looked like 2 people were actually fighting each other, not 2 people that are just swinging at air which happens to be filled with someone. Is something like that possible in this game?

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  2. I'm in a sort of similar situation. I think I've done all I can in that section without a soul vessel, which I can't find anywhere. When I got to the 'underwater' part I tried travelling around the map which seemed to work ok, and when I went further to the west there was a spot that when I held down tab displayed the travel icon. However before I could click on it the interface completely bugged out and I had no UI at all. I couldn't move anywhere even though I had the cursor, I couldn't get any menus, there was no information on the screen at all. I exited the game by pressing alt-F4.


    I'll try and get to that spot again, maybe we can travel into another section which opens that wall?

  3. I'm quite happy with having a stash to hold everything! I would even go further and remove individual party member inventories and just have 1 big party inventory. I consider logistics management a barrier to having fun adventuring and looting. Each character or party member has their own slots for gear and weapons, they don't need inventory slots especially a limited number like they do right now in the beta. Just have a decent sized stash that the party can access while adventuring and then some kind of bigger unlimited stash which is accessed in taverns, strongholds, player housing or whatever.

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  4. Grappling hook and rope in inventory, chasm gap dialogue doesn't acknowledge this and offers no option to use it.


    Can anyone else confirm this bug?


    It may be possible to reproduce this bug by having a grapple and rope in your inventory before ever finding the chasm. I'll try this evening with a new character.

    yes myself and some others have posted about this already :)

  5. I've never been a hardcore roleplayer or grew up with pen and paper games so I'm not religiously for or against one side or another, as long as the game enjoyable to play I'll be happy. I've played the beta a little but so far the bugs have gotten in the way as I can't complete the quests.


    Some more thoughts on this argument, if there is going to be no xp for defeating enemies and monsters, then maybe it would be ok if all combat encounters were related to objectives and all enemies gave some decent loot. Get rid of the random 'trash mobs' (is this a world of warcraft term?) like the lions or beetles, unless they are specifically guarding some cool artifacts or part of an objective. If I get a quest about an ogre terrorising a village, I'm ok with no kill xp for defeating critters in the ogre's hideout as long as i'll be getting a good chunk of xp for advancing the quest along or completing an objective.


    If the combat is related to the objective of investigate the hideout and you stealth your way through then you dont lose xp by not killing the critters and the reward for completing that objective could reflect that by extra loot and currency. if you complete the objective with diplomacy once you get to the ogre either way, if the rewards reflect that then it should be alright.


    . If i know I'm not getting anything for killing a bunch of lions and beetles then really I'd rather not have to bother with them. If during exploring the maps you come across a ruined building with a chest by a wall guarded by shades, I'm ok with no kill xp because the reward is a chest of goodies. If I'm exploring the map and there is a group of shades just hanging around and blocking my way and there is no kill xp then I'm probably just going to get annoyed. If I'm in a 15 level mega dungeon and there is no kill xp, I'm ok with that if get xp for moving to the next level and there is useful loot and items on the way.


    I think it works sort of similar in the witcher 2, you get such a miniscule amount of xp for killing a drowner or scoiatel warrior, but its balanced by getting alchemy ingredient, swords to sell and put towards the next armour set and you usually level up after advancing a handful of plot points.


    With regards to skills, I expect to get xp from picking locks and disarming traps damn straight, because these are skills that i am investing time and skill points in and i want to be rewarded for that investment. sometimes i think these games add some replayability by having locked chest etc, i think ok i need to start as a rogue to get into that, or a mage to be able to decipher that scroll etc. otherwise whats the point of having a mechanics skill and locks anyway?


    Anyway I hope that kind of makes sense, as long as it is clear and the game works i can live with either way :)

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  6. Sometimes after defeating enemies, there is loot and corpses on the ground, but nobody can take the items. If I click 'take all' nothing happens, if I cycle through the list of party members none of them can anything and if I individually select a party member to come over and take it nobody can do it either. This doesn't happen every single time, just sometimes. I'm not sure how to repeat it sorry, apart from just continuing to kill enemies and see if it happens again. My inventory is not full, there is heaps of space with everyone.

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  7. Same here, I have the egg but no option to talk about it or anything. I can't use grappling hook and rope despite having it and can't unlock any doors, no dialogue options to move forward on ogre quest either.


    Haven't encountered any stone heads so maybe I'll try that one.


    I know it's a beta test but I'm starting to get into the game and enjoy it, don't want to start over! :(

  8. I managed to open that locked door (to the "north" of the cutscene place) with just the basic rogue - no upgrades and no lockpicks. I did come to another place (see spoiler) where my rogue didn't seem to want to interact with a locked door and I noticed that not only did the door not open but I didn't get the usual "x Mechanics Required" type message either, so I'm thinking that there may be a bug with lockpicking doors...



    The door I was trying to unlock is the one in the tower with the leatherworkers - I'd come up the ladder from the tunnels so I was "behind" the door...



    Yeah I can't unlock any of the doors now, either in the temple or the tower. There is no message/feedback about not having high enough skill etc. Proper stuck! :(

  9. Hi, not sure if I'm just missing something or there is actually a bug. I'm in the ruins under the statue with the Skaen cultists. I've come to one of those 'scripted interaction' sequences, there are some posts and a chasm and the vibe I'm getting is that I use a grappling hook to swing over. However the option to use the grappling hook never shows up, even though I have it in my inventory on my player character. I just get the options to inspect, inspect and leave. 


    Similarly, there are some locked doors around the area which I can't open. I'm guessing that the doors to the sacrificial pit looking area will open with further progress or items, but nearby the area with the posts and chasm is another locked door to continue on. I can't open it, even though I have a lockpick and I upgraded mechanics on the BB party rogue.


    Am I missing something simple that will make me facepalm or is something not right? Is grappling hook and rope two separate items (do I need to get rope separately from grappling hook or are they combined)? cheers

  10. While I agree with the idea of getting most of the XP from completing quests or objectives, I think you should still get a little bit from defeating enemies. There will be times when you are just wandering or exploring and either get attacked or can't avoid combat when not actively working on a quest and I think you should still get some XP from surviving that. It doesn't have to be major, or much at all, but something. 

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  11. I can't get out of the inventory screen and I'm stuck with my cursor holding onto an object.



    I opened my inventory to check/compare loot and to put stuff in my stash. I was fiddling around looking at things for different people, trying to stack objects and move things around. Somehow I've managed to close the stash, have the inventory screen still open and have an object (a hood, nothing fancy) stuck on the cursor. I can't open the stash again as I'm still 'holding' the hood. I can't place it in a party member's inventory as it says 'you must be in a rest area to access that slot'.


    Pressing the escape key does nothing, neither does right clicking anywhere, left clicking outside of the inventory screen or pressing any other keys.



    I managed to 'drop' the object by right clicking (i think, may have been left clicking) on the primary colour square of my character, which somehow changed the object from a hood to a blunderbuss. I was then able to place the blunderbuss into a party member's inventory. My character is a godlike which can't equip items on the head so I wasn't able to just equip it and move on.



    Any time using the inventory, right clicking at any screen or time will 'cancel' whatever you are doing and take you back to the inventory screen.

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