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    Whaaaaa? You can use the grapple hook and rope to get the egg? I was never given a choice other than who should physically climb up. Everyone made it up but everyone fell while climbing down with the egg.

    Yep. Not sure why you never got the option. Possible bug or perhaps a condition not met? CON check to get back without falling (16, I think).



    How did you find out the values required? By using the BB fighter I was able to get the egg but it breaks. It doesn't really say why I failed that part, unless I missed something?


    I'm thinking for replayability it might help to have some insight as to why these kind of things fail, so you know if you start a new game at some point you have a better chance at fully completing the quest.

  2. I am also wondering the same thing. There are a couple of books or items you can pick up which add details to the world/lore/history etc but once you read them they are not added to the cyclopedia. Is this as intended? I don't really feel like memorising everything I come across, I was expecting it to be like in Dragon Age Origins where once you read things like that it is added to the codex.

  3. So let me try this again. I apologize in advance for the cynicism below, but I am compelled to say my piece.


    This game is supposed to launch at the end of the year, is that right? "Winter 2014" , "December 2014"


    I can't see how that is possible given where the game is at today.


    Bugs, giant, glaring, basic gameplay bugs are everywhere. Subscribe to the Bug forum and you'll see, or better yet, just play the game. I'm old by gamer standards, older than some of the developers, and I've playtested my share of games. I expected more from a game that is only a few months away from release, a lot more.


    It's impossible to play the game and feel like the backers are THE QA for this game, yet we're not even given a bugtracker, only a forum that buries threads in to oblivion.


    The fit and finish is abysmal for a beta, in my opinion, with notable exception to the obviously heavy investment in aesthetic backgrounds and some assets. There obviously has been a heavy emphasis on developing the story archs and dialogs, too, which is great. But having core mechanical issues like pathfinding, from this team, is hard to excuse - this should be a slam dunk, not to say that pathfinding is easy, but look at who we're talking about here... this should have been a priority.


    The outdoor scale is off. I know IW games don't do 1:1 scaling in outdoor environments but it is just off, walking around town feels like a group of giants romping around a dollhouse-scaled town. I may be in the vast minority in this, but for me it's enough to disrupt immersion. 


    The feeling I get is that the development has wandered down paths of priorities that they were most interested in, making "cool looking stuff" and "cool stories" - which is awesome! Don't get me wrong, but while working hard to generate content, the game mechanics have been relegated to "just do enough so we can see our content, we'll work out the playability issues later once we get our playtesters (backers) in"


    I hate to sound so cynical, I want this game to be a huge success, but I'm not really interested in struggling through broken game after broken game the throwing "bug reports" down a forum black-hole. I would be spending almost as much time documenting problems as I would playing. I didn't back this game for the "insider" honor to be a primary playtester and bug reporter.


    So take this all as "wah wah don't play if you can't handle it and don't want to contribute to the quality of the game" (thought I already HAVE contributed to the quality of the game, quite a lot, thank you very much), or, to be more fair : that I'm simply not a good candidate for this backer beta and am disappointed with the technical acumen applied thus far to the mechanics and stability so close to release.


    I hope the team is skilled and managed well enough to get in the coverage needed before launch .. from my perspective, however, it doesn't look promising. I truly hope I am surprised and would be so delighted to be wrong.


    I'll probably check back in after a patch or two, but until we get a bugtracker and the game isn't constantly telling me to search the bug forum, see if the bug has been reported, and enter a 'new'  bug or add to that thread, I simply won't be participating in bug reports.


    Good luck everyone, for what it's worth the parts of the game that do work predictably I am reasonably pleased with it and the content.



    I don't quite understand a couple of these complaints. It is a beta test, the game has known bugs in it and is provided to us to test and help find more bugs and report them. The development team then works on fixing these and updating the game. Isn't this how a beta test goes?? What were you actually expecting out of this? Ok sure there might be a way to improve the way bugs are reported instead of people repeatedly posting the same bug in the forum but then at least the team knows things are affecting multiple people.


    We've just entered September, if the game launches in December then that is at least 3 full months of fixing things and finalising any content and other details etc. It seems like quite a lot of work has been done from the developer updates. It might be possible or maybe it will be delayed, I guess we won't know until it happens :)


    I've just been playing and I don't agree with the outdoor scale, the characters look ok to me going past buildings and stuff.


    "I hate to sound so cynical, I want this game to be a huge success, but I'm not really interested in struggling through broken game after broken game the throwing "bug reports" down a forum black-hole. I would be spending almost as much time documenting problems as I would playing. I didn't back this game for the "insider" honor to be a primary playtester and bug reporter."


    Again not sure what the complaint is about, this is exactly what I think a beta test is: playing through a game with problems and trying to identify and repeat them. 

  4. I voted yes for combat xp in the first question and then 'alternative' for the second. I posted this in one of the (many I'm sure) related threads: 1) I'm happy for XP to be quest related or objective related only, as long as the majority of combat falls under an objective or quest so I don't necessarily feel ripped off as the combat is leading up to something or means something. This is probably mostly psychological. 2) And/or combat while exploring maps leads to useful or awesome treasure and items and is not just to take up space/time. This way I feel there is some reward for combat.


    Otherwise the way it is now, if I want to explore the map and cause some lions to come attack me, I want either XP for defending myself/defeating lions etc or more than 1 lion hide which I don't think I can do much with.


    anyway just my thoughts :)

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  5. I just created another new game with a chanter and specifically did not take the flaming weapons spell. I was able to get through combats ok and summon a shade and explore without crashing. However another issue I ran into was that my cursor changed during gameplay and I was unable to select the chanter and cast spells, or select anyone individually. I could only move as a group and attack. Then during combat by the dungeon entrance the game sort of hung in the middle of combat, then resumed with 'the party has died' screen. So the flaming weapons spell could be the problem as Ganrich suggested.

  6. I haven't been here or played at all lately, but just started a new game with a chanter and it crashed again. As soon as I levelled up I went west to the gorge and defeated a lion no problems. I did not cast any spells or phrases or incantations I believe. I then went to attack a second lion and began chanting, the flame weapons and extra speed chants and then summoned skeletons. I moved the group on to attack a 3rd lion and the game crashed.


  7. I had the game crash while using the chanter and made a thread for that. I was playing the game at 2560x1440 and thought I might drop it to 1080p in case the slowdown improves. When I got into the game after selecting 1080p, the main menu looked strange. The smoky effects seemed to take up all the screen but the background was almost windowed and was actually slowly moving from right to left then back again. I alt-tabbed out to take a screen shot and save it but I could not alt-tab back into the game. I only had a blank black screen and could not alt-tab to anything else. I pressed ctrl alt del and was able to start the task manager, but the screen went blank again. I had to press ctrl alt del again and choose restart from the options, I could not get back into or out of the game or back to the desktop. I've attached a screenshot of what the main menu looked like. Cheers


  8. you might have to load an earlier save game from the main menu, or start again with a new character! I couldn't find my way into the ritual room on my first go through but I managed to eventually get all the way through that quest eventually. I agree with the multiple options, it's pretty cool :)

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  9. which way did you get in? in the main section of the curriery you can find a key in a vat which is only visible in scouting mode, you need that key to open the door to the room with the stairs down. i went in that way as I can't get across the chasm to find the other enemies with keys etc coming in from the statue ruins.


    also, check through your inventory and try adding any keys to your player character's individual inventory and use them to try open the door, see if that works? sometimes it seems your character has to be the one to do things like that.

  10. Hi, I started a new game with a Chanter. After collecting the dragon egg quest I went east and in my first combat with the beetles I experienced a lot of slowdown after casting/chanting the spell which gives weapons fire damage. The slowdown continued after the combat and then into the next one, where the game hung just after I paused. I heard the 'ding' in the background from Windows signalling an error. The game continued to run while paused, the music continued but I couldn't interact with anything. When I unpaused, the game crashed to desktop. The game did not create any logs or reports (it had done this 2 previous times) but I've attached the output log as mentioned in one of the sticky threads. I've also attached a dxdiag anyway. Cheers



  11. You left out the forest shamblers on the map, bringing it up to five creature types, which I think is the greater problem than the actual density of the encounters (though I do agree that it feels a bit much). I think that they'd be better off with a few more non-combat wilderness encounters (like a group of hunters, the local ranger or even just more non-aggressive animals like the deer) in place of some of the monsters if they want to prevent the areas feeling too sparse and empty, though that may be the case with other areas in the full game.


    I also have to say that whomever decided to set up a village in that area was an idiot. Giant poisonous beetles and spiders on one side, lions on the other, with wolves, ogres, and dragons thrown in as well. I mean forget about the ogre stealing pigs, how does someone not die whenever anyone tries to leave or enter the place. Unless there's a smarter way to travel to the village that we can't access.

    well according to the game the beetles and wolves are 4 hours away so it isn't too unsafe ;)

  12. Hi, while fighting the elf medreth, I think I used the priest to cast stasis shield, or something which protects a character and lets them regain stamina. after the combat was over, the character was stuck and could not move. I was able to move the rest of the party around, and even went into some buildings and the stuck character appeared inside, but could not move. I can't remember if the character was knocked out just when the spell was cast, or survived and then got stuck afterwards.


    Also during and after combat, characters can get stuck and not attack. My BB fighter would stand still and be attacked, I could order him to move around but he still would not attack and then got knocked out, along with my BB priest. Then when the combat was over, they both got back up but were stuck in some kind getting hit or getting back up animation, it looked like they were repeatedly trying to throw up... I could move the rest of my party but this time I could not transit out of a building or cave.



  13. As I wrote in the game di


    It's a bit early but I'm starting to get the hang of it. The first couple of fights was 'WTF is going on??', I found it quite overwhelming really, I couldn't see what was going on and found it confusing.


    I've been using pause more to slow things down and move around and use abilities, but I never really feel confident that my party is powerful enough to win a combat.


    I'm playing as a ranger, I agree with the need for a companion portrait. Also, are they supposed to have or will have any abilities? Or just attack?


    I'm finding the wizard and priest not that useful so far, I keep looking at all the spells and don't really see anything that I want to use all the time. 


    It also looks more boring than I thought it would be, in Knights of the Old Republic the characters had animations that looked like 2 people were actually fighting each other, not 2 people that are just swinging at air which happens to be filled with someone. Is something like that possible in this game?


    Read the spells and after some fights you will find out that you can stomp through any encounter in the beta with a fighter + priest. Or a tank + buffer in general. The game is super easy right now. 


    Some of the mage ones do look reasonably powerful, but they all say things like 'will incinerate anyone in it's path', with everyone mashed up together in undecipherable melees I don't want to rely on AoE attacks that hurt my guys too!


    I'll look into them more deeply, but I kinda just want 'heal 1 party member', 'heal group of party members' and 'increase attack etc' from my priest, not a whole bunch that do super specific things that I don't know how will help. 


    I will have more attempts to get into it but my early impressions are that I'm not quite enjoying it as perhaps I could have. I admit it might be partly to me not perhaps committing to learning how everything works, but I feel like I have to try harder as a player to work out what is going on more than what I'm used to :)

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