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  1. I think they had the pipeline right between versions 1 and 2, i.e. the game first checked whether the spell landed, then processed refund and only then applied afflictions, or something to that effect, because after version 2 focus became noticeably more abundant, there was suddenly always enough focus for another Whisper of Treason without making any attacks in between or putting effort into debuffing targets first etc. Unfortunately, I do not make offline backups of old game installer files and neither GOG appears to offer old version for download (which would be cool), so I can not verify it now. I might look for old version of the game on torrents though.
  2. I doubt it will be corrected, because I complained about it at length in november, and it is still there. Anyway, I certainly do not want to dissuade anyone from playing beguiler for, as you put it, ethics reasons. Just fair warning beforehand: beguiler has this issue and some (me included) may find it unpleasant.
  3. 7 focus is about right. The problem is this: (crude video) Combat started. Nobody was stealthed. To make sure no first strike/from stealth sneak attack bonus would be applied, I even shot one sailor first. Then I dropped Mental Binding (-20 focus) on bunch of sailors with no afflictions on them whatsoever and got +42 (six times +7). If it was working as intended, I would have to cast Mental Binding (or something else) twice to get that massive +42 refund. But that would cost time and focus, notably I would have to make some attacks in between casts because the first MB would leave me with no focus (or use companions to flank some sailors first). It would still be nice and if cleverly played powerful perk. But glitched as it is, it is out of whack.
  4. There are/were several bugs pertaining to focus generation and refund: that the base focus gain from weapon attacks against afflicted targets is slightly lower, that attacks from stealth do not count, that when multiple afflicted targets are hit with a deception spell only two hits are refunded and that hit with a deception spell is refunded even when target is not afflicted. So beguiler was at the same time getting less in some situations and more in some other situation than they should. Some may have been fixed, but I suspect the fourth glitch/regression is still there, because I loaded an old save (I have since switched from beguiler to soulblade), dropped Mental Binding on two enemies with no afflictions whatsoever on them and focus went from 60 to 40 and back up to 54, which means I was refunded 7 focus twice. Then I dropped it on a whole pack of enemies and focus went through the roof. Apparently the glitch that limited refunds from AoE deception to two was indeed fixed, but that only made already pretty severe glitch with refunds for hitting targes that do not qualify absolutely horrible. So I do not recommend beguiler at the moment.
  5. Just trying to make technical support less depressing reading. Oh well, fail, nevermind.
  6. There is a roparu banished to the Old City. Note that he is locked inside the elevator cage: The cage goes down, then returns and is empty and unlocked: But there is no liftboy down in the Old City who would unlock the cage and let the roparu out: So how the heck did the roparu get out? Not to mention the cage does not appear to have any doors that could be locked to begin with.
  7. Circle of Protection does last longer due to intelligence bonus in (RT mode) combat, for example in my case 13 seconds because Xoti has +30%. However, tooltip says flat 10 seconds and is therefore broken and misleading, which is further exacerbated by the fact it cast on ground, not characters, i.e. there is no timer among active buffs.
  8. Skeleton seems fine (again, RTwP), gets slash damage of possible slash or pierce (to which it is immune). If it is not caused by TB mode (but why should it use different damage type resolution mechanism?), something else has to trigger the bug. Can you share a save?
  9. Because slightly higher penetration may translate into substantially more damage in certain situations. Furthemore, it has +2 pen modal that puts it ahead of all other ranged weapons except for the sceptre (which also has +2) in these situations.
  10. The glitch is even worse than I initially thought, because any zone with drakes may be affected, judging by the few drakes I met so far.
  11. Apparently flanked was decoupled from other afflictions in one of more recent patches. Though most combatants still either incorrectly flank or incorrectly do not make disengagement attacks. That in turn coupled with that out of range nonsense means that most melee combatants are quite pathetic.
  12. Yes, and the narration is also missing. It's been confirmed by devs that Ydwin lines and narrator (both voiced by the same actress) will be included in one of the later patches. There were several threads where players complained about her voice, and apparently Ydwin took offense and no longer speaks to us.
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