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  1. Made a char to try this build out, and not only is it really powerful even early on (4 separate sources of healing on a single char at level 1 is insane), it is also very RP-friendly, since the character is well defined by its favoured (Aggressive, Cruel, Clever, Shady) and disfavoured (Diplomatic, Benevolent, Rational or Honest) dispositions.

    So not only does playing a bloodthirsty maniac fit, it's a requirement.


    Well done OP, well done.

  2. Veteran difficulty:


    MC War Caller (Skald/Fighter): 104893 

    Eder (Fighter): 30059

    Xoti (Priest): 34189

    Aloth (Wizard): 62585

    Tekehu (Druid): 52238


    Eder was tanking and Xoti was healing/buffing so not much damage, Aloth and Tekehu were often clearing the back lines but the real monster AoE spells don't come until later in the game so a bit lower than my War Caller who was charging in, paralyzing fools and melting them with Min's Fortune+Duskfall.


    On the topic of the hardest boss, for me it was the Deathguard in the catacombs because I was relatively low so everyone was hitting him for like 1-2 damage a swing. And fampyrs in general until I utilized some clever positioning and nuked them with AoEs from around the corner.


    Nemnok took a while to kill, but noone was in any danger of dying, it just lasted long because I used up everyones's spells on clearing out the adds so they were autoattacking the bastard pretty much from full HP to zero.


    Once I got to level 14-15 I could honestly just let the AI (with everyone set to aggresive) fight and win almost every encounter without any hassle.


    I actually really like this, is it meant for group play or soloing? 


    I recommend group play so that some else (Eder) can tank and you can focus on stealth / flanking. It might be able to work solo if you have the skill / patience.



    Been looking for a character an evil playthrough that's also not cheesing broken game mechanics, and this fits perfectly. Will try it out with a full party on PotD.

  4. Finishing up my 1st playthrough as a melee War Caller (Skald/Fighter) on Veteran, so I'm looking to make a ranged Bleak Walker for my 2nd one, probably on PotD (not solo).


    My basic idea is the following:


    A Votary Bleak Walker/Helwalker who uses Dragon's Dowry's enchant to increase action speed and inflict damage on myself which generates wounds, which in turn triggers Paladin's Retribution ability while healing back up with Lay on Hands and Moon Godlike passive.


    Stat distribution is as follows:


    MIG: 15

    CON: 10

    DEX: 18

    PER: 18

    INT: 14

    RES: 3


    Helwalkers get a bonus to MIG with each wound, which is why I left it at 15, 18 DEX for hitting/casting fast, 18 PER so I don't miss, 14 INT for longer heals, dumped RES but not CON. Although I wonder if I should switch INT and PER since Paladins get +5 Accuracy from the aura.


    What do you think? Curious to see suggestions/improvements/changes you would make.

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