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  1. Yeah, I had them. I had done everything there was to do on poe1, defeated the alpine dragon, completed the endless roads, defeated concelhaut...

    Like I said in my post when I started the game on day 1 importing that save, the remnants of the swords were in the cupboard. Now that I'm, trying to start a new game again (importing the same save) they aren't.


    EDIT: Sorry for the late reply my posts need to be approved by a moderator.


    EDIT 2:


    Here are the blades on my inventory- (sorry about the late edit but I had to redownload poe 1 to take these screenshots)









    And while no one has suggested it, I just wanted to prove I'm not playing some old torrented version. Here are the games on my steam inventory:






  2. Hello! Bought the game on day 1, but back then my system specs were below the minimum so the game ran super sluggish, still managed to play quite a few hours. Anyway, fast forward to today and my computer has been upgraded and i decided to start a new game due to all the patches and bugfixes that have happened since 1.0.

    My issue is that after importing my save I no longer can find the Yenwood and Caed Nua blades remnants in the beginning locker (I'm not crazy that's where they were right?). I've tried twice and the shards just aren't there, and I've only got the one save were I completed POE1. In my original playthrough of Deadfire, it was enough to get me both sword remains.

    I'll attach the save just in case.

    EDIT: on uploading the file it says error no file selected even after I selected it. tried both versions of the uploader. So I'm gonna post a link to dropbox. I hope I'm not breaking any rules by doing this.


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