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  1. To all the people sayin' no to this because they have some other character they'd rather have: why not both?


    Like I said, if there was paid DLC for this, I'd buy it. I enjoyed my interactions with the Sidekicks quite a bit (more than the current stock of companions), and would love to have more options available to me.


    Honestly, Ydwin's classes are pretty uninteresting to me, but her character concept is sweet; seems far more relevant than Eder and Aloth at least.


    Can't agree more with u.

  2. I think the Main Story Line is just too short.(so fights are few)

    That's the problem BG2 >> POE2.

    Although I like POE2's vocal performance, but even NWN2 could full fill the Role Play Atmosphere when POE2 could not (since our main character always has to do some side-quest which does nothing with chasing a god).

  3. Some people cant be happy with anything , it's free , go buy some new dog skin or some new arrows on Bethesda games , or some new outfit on Bioware games and i dont even want to talk about EA boxes ... It's free , it's there if you want to use , if not you dont lose nothing .... I like it , and i want more , more FREE stuff Obisidian , Thank you ....



    People can't get "really" happy with content that is almost useless, doesn't mean that people can't be happy with anything.

    We just got different criteria, and please save those stupid cases for yourself.

  4. Who asked for this? Who cares a lick about more worthless crew members?


    These crew members even don't join the ship close fighting while I hire all my companions and sidekicks.

    And I usually won't waste the money to buy a Big Ship capable of free crew members before I'm going to finish the game.


    New contents are appreciated (whatever if it's free), but this one really do nothing to improve the player experience.

  5. I mean they had ranged summons in last game. not sure about POE2 havent played to far in. Probably had more to do with not wanted to add class stuff since there were already so many changes to mechanics. like the priest and paladins not getting new sub classes. 

    Well, the whole system still seems to be a little stubborn for me. 

    BTW, range summons exist in POE2, you could summon them within 1 hrs.

  6. While I think it'd be very nice to have, to be honest I don't expect them to be adding any ranged pets. It would make them a rather obvious pick because it removes almost all drawbacks from them (being rather squishy and causing grief if killed). So I second (and third) the idea, but am not holding my breath. And same with having the animals having their own (smaller) ability tree, that would be great too.


    Also, a giant tortoise as pet.


    yea...I don't really expect them to do it.

    But as I see, this game could be much interesting to do so.

    All classes could be just more diversified for making system rich.


    For this topic, my romantic for Ranger (with a pet) is an assistance character with a powerful monster.

  7. And make these Range Pets with different attack ranges.

    Better give all the Pets different skills which consume infinite resource (something like wound of Monk or concentration of Cipher).


    By this way to make the character building system. The game would be much more attractive I believe. 

    Just suggestion for your reference.

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