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  1. I don't know if anyone seen this yet, but after reading the article and plz take the time to sign the petition (and share it!) . 



    cose this is ridiculous! 

    Also, here in Canada, Quebec...you can guess. it's going up, and we have peoples not following the rules and everyone is panicking and buying Toilet papers (You can't even eat tha stuff! Like what the..lol) .


    Keep safe everyone! 

  2. Too stressed with the crap happening outta there to really dive in any of the games I have, but been trying to unwind playing on and off Magic the Gathering: Arena. 


    Man..I really hate Blue and white and Green players . 


    Although, I admit. One new trend (even though I havent been around long enough, very noobish here) but is with some Black player? You use the card ''Look at the player hand and discard a card'' and they act like..thats it..game over! Give up the play and they still have HEALTH! What the....XD 

  3. I'm afraid there isn't much I could add. I mean the map were small. the soldier were limited unlike in xcom. 

    It wasn't one of those old games all Pixel like. I brough it from a store alongside another. And when I moved, I lost both somehow. 

    I know the chances of finding it are slim to none. But I though, I ask and if anyone see a game that has soldier crouching and shooting with simple rifle. Let me know. 

  4. 16 minutes ago, Skarpen said:

    Jagged Alliance comes to mind


    It was a simple game, with a small map. I don't even remember the name. I often just look at the picture and see if its the one.

    Like I said it was like xcom, so you had a team. 

    And the soldier wear green maybe or that army outfit like?

  5. Dunno if this is the right place to ask (Mod feel free to move it?) . Anyway, I have been looking for ages for this old game.


    It look like xcom but it isnt . It has normal soldier. That can crouch and hide behind stuff.


    I brought it from a store, at a very low price...and that was years ago . Like 20+ years ago.

    But for the life of me, I can't find it in Abondoware or any old games website like Home of the Underdog.

    if anyone seen a game like that, plz let me know. 

  6. 9 minutes ago, Skazz said:

    Voyager is the best Star Trek series, DS9 is the worst.



    I did watch a few episodes of Voyager, but some stuff...kinda irked me. But I liked DS9 more. 

    Add to that, I really clash with the actress when it come to belief..so that kinda ruined the remaining seasons . 

    Don't think I missed much. Seem like they deal with the Borgs alot right? I find the Borgs so boooring . Yeah yeah, everyone love them. Not my cup of tea. 

    The founder were more fun 😛

  7. 10 minutes ago, ShadySands said:


    Who are you and why are you the anti-me?

    This thread has broken me

    Aw didn't mean to. Truth is the reason why I don't like Bethesda games, is I'm in for the story. And their games, don't have much of one. 

    So yeah, my opinion dont matter much ;) 

    Since you know, liking something is really subjective anyway. (unless one is a zealot) . 

    But I liked building the houses back in FO4, and the voiced character (GASP I know...tha horror), and the companions (Sweet sweet Piper) . 

    It has its fault and it crash..like every damn games they made . But games are supposed to be fun, so y'know...had fun . 

  8. 6 hours ago, bugarup said:

    I really don't get people who use "Skip the Fade" mod

    I use that mod, cose GAME CRASH endlessly at that part. And when I finally get past all the shenanigan of shapeshifting, here come the final fight and it still crash. 

    So the mod, kinda save me from half of that crashing. 

    Anyway back to topic , here mine : Fallout 4 finally did everything great! 

    😛 *run away* 

  9. lol I'm not even holding hope for Baldur's Gate 3. As far as I'm concerned, this all feel fishy like hell to me. 


    As for romances. I only liked Jaheira. Females are stuck with Annoymen who is bipolére and childish..yurk. And Aerie is so whiny. yeah sure, best mage, but no earplugs..God!


    And viconia aside of her 'beauty' which is so cliché....is a pathalogic liar. Guess disfunctional romances are a thing lol I always though these guys should go to Jerry Springer XD


    It be hilarious! 

    Jerry: So why are you mad at charname?

    Jaheira: *Snort* can't you see ? We though Gorian ward was a man..instead we have a..a female!

    Viconia: there goes any sex life on the surface..*Sigh*

    Aerie: She can't relate! A man has those broad shoulder, and can lend me his ear and hold me as I tell him Oh why I can't use my powers to go back to my peoples! Because I just want my WINGS back! My wings..My beautiful Wings...They took my Wings..and now I feel Incomplete..and I'm surrounded by idiots that just don't get it, because they were born stuck to the earth! Oh the feel of my wings as I soar...blahblahblahblah...wings...blahlblah..

    Viconia: *Disgusted* Shut up already! I'm mad because I can't test the female. In the Underdark females are strong. As far as I saw, they are weak on the surface. Those who almost burned me were all males in robes.

    Charname: I SAVED YOU , YOU KNOW! These bewbz walking saved your butt!

    Jerry: What about you JAheira? Surely, you can take the woman under your *Sneaker* wing..and teach her things so she can survive Akathla right?

    Jaheira: Well...I don't know. Maybe if Imeon die, we may share our sorrow.....

    Jerry: Harsh..but true. What about you Sir knight?

    Annoymen: *Ogle Charname* She remind me of my sister...

    Jerry: Ok..let's stop you right there.......maybe in BG3 there will be decent folk huh?


  10. 14 minutes ago, Oner said:

    I love DS9 too but everything being perfect? When was the last time you've watched season 1? 😛
    Or the fact that season 2's finale and season 3's (or was it 3 and 4? been ages since I watched it) opening have the exact same premise?

    It had Gul DUKAT! PERFFFFFFECT! lol


    That guy was too much fun. And well it was perfect in the sense, everyone grew on me. They were all interesting. There was drama, there were no related episode to the main stuff..and dunno. It was perfect to me in that sense? No show is perfect. well maybe the Golden Girl, as in perfect humour lol and never get old. 

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  11. Just now, Wormerine said:

    Isn't his role as second in command come down to executing Captains orders and replacing him when need be? That's what he does, sexual harassment allegations aside.

    He does. But...it's like too many characters ? everyone became important and could fit the role. Data for one, so in the end...for Picard who rarely leave the chair...he is just hovering over there, doing nothing but nodding his head. (Not saying the show was bad, had its good moments, but Riker? USelesssssss LOL)


    I liked Deep Space 9 and its my favorite. everything about that one was perfect. every character has its own story, duality, stress, guilt, and fun and carried themself without some weirdness or anything. 



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  12. Let's not go off topic..lol


    Here is one: RIKER IS USELESS IDIOT! Like SO useless, all he does is droole and being innapropriate and really? Number one? More like Dumbo Zero...

    well some peoples like him, but honestly. I always though like he shouldnt be there. He bring nothing to the table, and he always yelling when things dont go his way. 

    Kinda remind me of that annoying cant-get-ride-of-him companion guy in Star Trek online (On the Romulan side). Argh....at least let us mute him...


  13. I wouldn't trust Bethesda to make an rpg. It be like their others games, minimal story, large empty world..and the rest 'Go make mod to fill it for us'' and charge you full price for half assed product that CRASH, Labelled FRAGILE. 

    I say if anyone can do it, Obsidian. Save for Pillar of eternity: Deadfire that dissapointed me, I liked POE1 and Tyranny and they always delievered in the story up to that point. 


    As for whoever asked for a shadowrun game. There are 3 of them ''Shadowrun Return, Shadowrun Dragonfall, and Shadowrun Hong Kong'' . And they are ALL Awesome! Highly recommand them! 

  14. 12 minutes ago, Skazz said:

    MTG: Arena is great. Once upon a time, I went on a quest to build a working deck that would consist mostly of dog cards. Fun times!

    Which reminds me, Resolute Watchdog is such a good boy. Also, that flavor text is just heartbreaking. 😪

    I'm black and red and driving some players nuts lol cose its alot of ''Ohhh nice Big Green/White/Blue creature you have there, now look! MAGIC! *POUF*'' 😁

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