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  1. After reading the Wiki on Ithor i think it could have a brilliant story. It would have fitted perfectly into KotOR 1 with the star maps but maybe can be included in KotOR 3?



    Ithor was a planet located in the Mid Rim. It was a planet full of lush life, and the planet's surface had not a touch of civilization on it. The Ithorians themselves, otherwise known as "Hammerheads," built huge floating cities that didn't harm the surface. Entry upon the surface was forbidden, unless one stayed there permanently. Some Ithorians such as the Oracle were compelled to go down to the planet surface; however, as they "heard the call" of Mother Jungle, the Ithorian religion's personification of Ithor's world-spanning jungle. The surface of the planet of Ithor played host to numerous plants, including the bafforr tree, which possessed telepathic capabilities. The planet contained andurite stone, and every three Ithorian years was the center of the Time of Meeting.


    Entry upon the surface was forbidden, unless one stayed there permanently.

    Thats the reason it would be good in KotOR 1, a perfect location for a Star Map...

  2. I have just had a look at java and its even more familiar, layout-wise, as it uses "void" and similar functions to KotOR's script syntax.

    I will be happy to make the effort to learn a more difficult programming language. Which would you say i could do more with? I've seen Perl Tk scripts with a graphical interface and Executable Java files. I would be more tempted to learn java from the programs i have seen but which do you suggest?

  3. I am looking into a programming language and i first had a look at perl. I know stuff like

    my $variable = ("hello my name is ");
    my @array = ("Glove","master");
    print "$variable @array[0] @array[1]\n";

    will print

    hello my name is Glove master


    So then i decided to look at C++ and i realised that it was almost exactly like the script we use in game modding. the layout is the same and most of the functions.



    #include "a_file"
    int main()
    //your code


    KotOR Script (NSS)

    #include "a_file"
    void main()
    //your code


    I was wondering, which one would be better to learn out of C++ or Perl?

  4. While we can now work on walkmeshes, we also face another problem. We cannot fully create wire model (MDL) files in binary (or a format the game can read).

    We have a program called MDLops, however this program is unfinished and we have no idea if the original writer will finish it. The program is written in Perl and the source script is available to the public, however my knowledge of Perl is not sufficient enough to finish the program. If possible will someone who knows Perl well enough to write a program with a GUI or Interface, or a Tk Perl script, help finish the program? The only reason we ask for some one to be able to write a Tk script is because the current build of the program uses this and it would proberly be better if we keep the interface.


    If anyone is interested can you email me and ill sort you out with the programs source code and models for you to look at.

    my email: glovemaster[AT]hotmail[DOT]co[DOT]uk


    Thanks again.

  5. you see, this is our problem.. we the tool we use to read them (KotOR Tool) wont actually write the whole ASCII file.. same goes for binary. So it is difficult to get an accurate ASCII version on one of the existing binary walkmeshes. How would i encode into C++?

  6. This is our problem.. We have no encrypter/decrypter that will write walkmesh (wok) files properly.. This is all about encrypting the walkmesh into binary and no one seems to know. I've been trying to work it out but im no programmer, i couldn't make a tool to do it. Also i havent got anywhere.. Just by looking at the different sets of information i can't see any similarity other that text references, like names: "walk-parent".


    If anyone could explain how to encrypt the walkmesh that would be fantastic.. assuming someone knows?

  7. I have been working with SithRevan for a while now and it seems that not many people understand what it is that we want to do.

    We can create an ASCII walkmesh file as used in NWN however it seems that they are put into a "hakpak" or something. But i know they arn't "compiled". At the moment, Fred Tetra is the only person we know who has developed a tool that is capable of reading Binary walkmesh files (.wok) and this tool also writes them but misses out a vital piece of information, which is not allowing us to use the walkmesh is gives us in a module and only as a placeable and maybe a door... What SithRevan is asking is, is it possible to "compile" the ASCII walkmesh into Binary with ALL of the information written? I have been working with Team Jawa on walkmeshes for a while now (SithRevan happens to be leader of this project) and we in the modding community haven't heard from Fred Tetra in over 9 months, so we dont know how to write the binary equivilant of the walkmeshes that we can create.

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