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  1. I don't really think Obz is that passionate about K3 anymore, do you? I mean, they are busy with their own IP Alpha Protocol and now they have a chance to make some Fallout games/expansions if NV sells well. I imagine they have stronger feelings for the FO universe, seeing as Chris Avellone pretty much canonized the setting with his Fallout Bible. :)


    Love to see K3 though, it's my favorite SW setting so far.

    actually an article came out on g4 june 16th about a secret game obsidian is currently workin on and it says-



    Developer Obsidian Entertainment (Neverwinter Nights 2, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords) might be currently up to its irradiated eyes in Fallout: New Vegas development, that

  2. Greetings!

    Since I'm new to this forum and that this discussion seems to have been going on since ancient times, I doubt I have anything new to add to the discussion.

    Nevertheless, I'm going to add my thoughts to the mix.

    I just finished KOTOR 1 for the first time (I made the mistake of playing TSL before the original, but that's beside the point), and I'm at a loss to explain why KOTOR-III hasn't been announced or developed yet. This thing is so ridiculously anticipated that it seems a no-brainer.


    But realistically I don't know what to think. From what I can piece together, the only really serious potential developers are Obsidian and Bioware. Since Bioware has straight out denied that they're working on anything KOTOR-related, the focus is now on Obsidian. I seem to recall some "3-projects-at-once"-thing a while back, and if that is/becomes a reality, then we might see something, sometime.


    In any event, it is well past time KOTOR-III gets off the ground. If there is any serious plans for it, they will probably be announced at E3. I should know better than to get my hopes up for something like this, but it can't really be helped.


    Well, that's my thoughts on the matter. Nothing new (something we should be used to at this point).


    The rumors I've heard suggest that the project mentioned here http://www.lucasartsbioware.com/ is being developed in Austin, TX and is a KOTOR MMORPG. Now, that doesn't mean that even if it's true that it's a sequel to K2 exactly, it could be an MMO set in any of the 4000 years of the "Old Republic" empire. However, I could see it very easily being set up as an MMO if you go with the following plot line:


    "The exile has followed Revan to the unkown regions to fight the threat of the true Sith. She has left her new Jedi companions behind to recruit and train force sensitives throughout the galaxy. You have been recruited. You must finish your training and then follow Revan and the Exile to the unknown regions and join the campain to save the galaxy!"


    Of course, I think that would be a giant cop out to actually telling the story that needs to be told, but I can see it happening.


    I'm gonna go cry now...



    ya lets hope no mmo!! :ermm:

  3. Force unleashed and the clone wars animated series are about 20 years away from eah other in the Star Ward universe, so that theory doesnt really hold up, i would think that if LA had a reason to stall, its because they dont want to drive hype away from their main title at the moment, The Force Unleashed. So i would expect an announcement after Force unleashed is unleashed...

    i agree...i kinda think that the game bioware is making with them is k3 but they waiting to announce til after the forced unleashed!!

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