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  1. I think you're wrong. JKA was a horribly flawed game. The combat was very hit and run against saber-wielding opponents, and the blaster opponents couldn't even hit you unless you stood still for 4 seconds. Everyone else can always jump higher than you, the saber opponents are needlessly hard and there seems to be no end to them. The storyline was just awful. I think everyone had figured it out by the end of the first level. "Hmmm...Now why would the Disciples of Ragnos want to store force energy?". Not to mention that bringing back an ancient Sith Lord would be undermining the whole 'One with the Force' thing. The missions were straightforward enough. "Make your way to X and kill anything that gets in your way".


    The only way to make this game remotely acceptable is to ignore SP altogether and download a hardrive worth of mods for that game (which, ironically, is what I'm doing right now).


  2. Then I think you should assume that if you choose Revan and the Exile followed the Light Side in Kotor I & II that they fell or sacrificed themselves to the DS in the unknown regions.

    Could you imagine a Darth Nihilus figure helping someone who has a bounty on his head?

    Well Revan has those bronze Star Forge robes in KotOR I, and in KotOR II it could be Kriea-like robes. I mean that's if they're LS.

  3. It's just a basic idea for the beginning and I haven't really thought about the Revan, The Exile and the Unknown Regions story-arc yet...I was hoping you guys could help me out there.


    Perhaps. I write plotlines myself now and then. What I would advise you is that you do keep Revan and the Exile in the game. Killing them off is to cheap and also, you should be able to tell the game who Revan and the Exile were in terms of Gender / Alignment. You should also be able to select their faces. Those are top priorities.

    Furthermore, your should think about what happened to the party members of Revan and the Exile. Do the party members of the Exile form a new Jedi Council? What if the Exile is DS?

    I see that you start off as a Jedi on a refugee ship. It's good that you do have a lightsaber at the start. What I wonder, maybe you will explain it later but how did you stay undetected during say, the Shadow War. Why weren't you discovered by Darth Sion / Nihilus or Kreia?


    Hard task? No, it can all be done. And before you wonder if it is difficult to select a face for Revan and the Exile in game, consider that you were able to select the model and color of your lightsaber in Kotor II before you stab it in the stone on Coruscant. A face for Revan and the Exile is exactly the same, they are just game objects.

    lol well for Revan and the Exile - I see no reason why you should see their faces; Revan has his cool mask from the first game and the Exile stole Nihilus's after kicking the crap outta him, so they could cover themselves with them. As for my idea, it was only very basic for the beginning of KotOR III...I have no major ideas for the rest of the game, although I do think that Kriea's ghost should appear in it.

  4. Well now that's the last time I compliment you.... :woot:


    The shut up fatso or I'll dropkick you blah blah blah part was directed at Xard, and the you're stalking me part was directed at you, but all of it was a joke. Wasn't it clear enough, or do I always have to use this: :grin: all the time to indicate that I'm joking? :shifty:


    No Awesomecake for you.


    *eats bit of Awesomecake* :p

  5. Well I posted my main idea in the Bioware forum...


    Posted 03/04/07 13:50 (GMT) by mappalazarou


    Hi everyone


    I've discussed many possible storylines for KotOR III with my brother and we both agree that it should be made by either Bioware or Obsidian. Lucasarts have already said that neither the KotOR franchise or the SW: Battlefront franchise will be left behind - so there will be a KotOR III...YAY!!! :o:wub: :D :D :D


    Anyways, our story involved the main character waking up on a refugee frieghter escaping the destruction of a planet along with loads of other refugee frieghters heading towards a 'refuge' created by the Sith as a sanctuary for them.


    Some refugees on the frieghter realise that the Sith are evil and will only kill or enslave them when they arrive, so they go crazy and begin killing people on board trying to escape.


    You, not remembering who you are because you're memories were badly damaged and you were injured in the destruction of the planet - pull out your lightsaber and begin fighting the crazy refugees.


    Anyways after managing to escape the frieghter in an escape pod, the ship blows up and you crash land on another planet you were passing on your way to the Sith 'refuge'.


    In a cutscene, it shows all of the other refugee ships reach the refuge - only to see it as a half-completed Star Forge being empowered by a black hole behind it. The Sith bring in all of the Refugees and use their living bodies to help power the gigantic space station. A load of ghosts belonging to ancient Sith Lords have been brought to the Star Forge via the Dark Side that resonates there and are planning to use it to do what Revan and Malak never could - bring down the Republic and the Jedi.


    This is just an early concept we came up with, seeing the Sith as sort of Nazi's - destroying planets and sending survivors who have no idea where they are going to be killed for thier cause.


    We tried to think of who the ghost Sith Lords should be, one of the first choices was Kreia lol


    Anyways, what do you guys think that KotOR III should be about and what planets or places do you think should be in it?




    It's just a basic idea for the beginning and I haven't really thought about the Revan, The Exile and the Unknown Regions story-arc yet...I was hoping you guys could help me out there.

  6. Darth Revan, because he is teh coolsome.


    Meh. I played as Revan, so naturally I like Revan, because I like myself. :ermm:


    However, Revan is very overrated in terms of power, and he/she is overrated in terms of intelligence (IF you believe the sacrifice to the DS theory about him/her). If Revan was trying to save the Republic (which is total bull if you ask me) then:


    His/her first mistake was engaging the Republic in war after they had already been weakened by two wars. His/her second mistake was thinking that by attacking them and conquering them, he/she could somehow strenghten them. His/her third mistake was thinking that this was the only solution to this yet unkown threat. And his/her last mistake was finding the Star Forge, for without it I doubt Revan would've had the heart to attack the Republic.


    Personally though I don't believe that Revan didn't have any beef with the Republic, when he/she became a Sith Lord.

    Awesome. :wub:

  7. The way I saw it was that the remaining Jedi Masters; Atris, Vrook, Zes-Kai-Ell, Kavar and Lonna Vash. All decided in the Jedi temple where they should retreat to to wait for the perfect time to strike against this new Sith threat - Vrook announced he would go to Dantooine and protect the wrecked academy and the crystal caves, Lonna said she would go to protect the tombs and artifacts on Korriban from these new Sith, Kavar wanted to help out Queen Talia for some reason (personally I think that they were doin' it), and Zes-Kai-Ell wanted to drink and gamble on Nah Shaddaa for his own personal benefit.


    I assume they all expressed their reasons for their planet choosing to each other before leaving and gave each other the location to find them in case of an emergency or in case they uncovered something about the Sith.


    Either that or they were returning to their homeworld's??? All except Lonna anyways unless she was a Sith baby....*clicks fingers* fanfic idea. :thumbsup:

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