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  1. Perhaps. I write plotlines myself now and then. What I would advise you is that you do keep Revan and the Exile in the game. Killing them off is to cheap and also, you should be able to tell the game who Revan and the Exile were in terms of Gender / Alignment. You should also be able to select their faces. Those are top priorities. Furthermore, your should think about what happened to the party members of Revan and the Exile. Do the party members of the Exile form a new Jedi Council? What if the Exile is DS? I see that you start off as a Jedi on a refugee ship. It's good that you do have a lightsaber at the start. What I wonder, maybe you will explain it later but how did you stay undetected during say, the Shadow War. Why weren't you discovered by Darth Sion / Nihilus or Kreia? Hard task? No, it can all be done. And before you wonder if it is difficult to select a face for Revan and the Exile in game, consider that you were able to select the model and color of your lightsaber in Kotor II before you stab it in the stone on Coruscant. A face for Revan and the Exile is exactly the same, they are just game objects. That's exactly what I've been thinking hawk. To keep it the way that the player had wanted it or played it since they bought the other two games, the developers are going to have to let us choose what happened. For instance, you get to decide what happened to the people via dialogue and the game will begin to make the necessary changes to make it LS or DS based on what you said through the main character. You could easily pick a face from a simple questionnaire the game will throw at you like it did in the other two games before. As hawk said, it's not hard at all. Speaking of the main character, it should be someone else. I don't want to play as the Exile or Revan again. They'd be too powerful (it would just be bad if they got knocked out and lost all their powers again) and it just wouldn't make sense as they would be in the Unknown Regions and that would be a conflict. Besides that, it would just be boring to be those characters again. So, a whole new character is needed to end this, make it a trilogy, which SW is known for anyways. So, we end the game with a trilogy and we get to complete the series with three, different main characters. I like your idea, hawk. And those are very good questions. Or maybe the person is a late-comer to the Force, or something like that.
  2. For the love of all that is holy, people, please, get back on topic here. This throwing cake and garbage is just bothersome. Geeze... Anyways, back on topic, I thought that Ian did a decent job of trying to revive his dead role as the Emperor, even though I heard that the original one from ESB was like an old woman. That and he was trying to play a younger character than the one we see in ROTJ. So, yeah, I give him some snaps. He was a very pragmatic and deceptive character. Kreia is supposedly based off of him, or so says the almighty internet source that is wikipedia.
  3. That would be one very interesting paper indeed. But, no, I wouldn't be able to write a paper on that. My teachers wouldn't let it fly. Then again, you could always do one for fun.
  4. How idiotic can I be? I just realized I messed up my own birth year just now...

    Boy, I am out of it this entire week.

    Oh, and just letting y'all know, I've been a long-time lurker here. Like two years, but never joined.

    I know, so sue me.

  5. Fine, I won't put the sirs on anything. Go ahead and spam. I don't care. Oh, and I responded to the K3 thread.

    To the spelling, I just don't want to conform with the conformists who insist on typing with the weird computer shortening and slang. Ick.

    @xard. You don't have to call me miss, sweetie.

  6. Absolutely. Architect, you already know how I feel about KOTOR. Sure, it's a good game. I enjoyed playing it, but I don't have the same feeling or enjoyment when I'm playing KOTOR in comparison to KOTOR 2. KOTOR 2 advanced on the mythology of the Force instead of painting it the overly boring and dreary picture of being a single black and white entity. The Force is much more than tthat. To silver, that's your opinion. Not all of us on this board agree with you. I do not. When I go to play a KOTOR again, I play the second one because it makes me think more, makes things seem a bit more gray than just simply black and white. K2 will always be my favorite of the two, as there are only two now and hopefully a third if LA is going to go ahead and let K3 advance on K2 (crosses fingers). But, I respect your opnion and I am not going to say that you're wrong, simply that that is your opinion and you do not speak for all of us. Oh, and it's Kreia. Please, if you're going to post, spell correctly.
  7. Well, thank you, sir.

  8. It's not like it's that big of a plot twist, either. I sort of figured it out along the way and just thought: "Hey, maybe I'm this evil sadistic man/woman that totally just screwed up the galaxy!" But it was worth it to see the look on my sister's face when she watched it. "OMG! I can't be Revan?!" So, KOTOR does have its uses. To have seen my my poor sister's face as she gasped in horror as she realized that she just might be a little bit evil. Thank you KOTOR for the memories.
  9. SHOCKING!!!!!!! *Falls out of chair due to heart attack from shock*
  10. Where you ask? The answer is simple. He is... But Kataaaaaaar wasn't destroyed like that, so he is just a puke green husk with hairs all scrunched up lying on his back with his little hands in fists denoting the horribly painful death.... assuming his death was painful, and that he is dead and not hiding on some bog. My mistake. I was just excited to talk about the little green bug. But then again, who is to say that Vandar is Yoda great-great-great grandpappy. Then again...he is ...allegedly.
  11. That actually made me laugh. Kudos to you. *sigh* There were so many times I wanted to smash that floating piece of garbage or throw him out the airlock. He was just so...so useless. I wanted to stab him with my lightsaber for using up space. I would rather have Sasha than that floating hunk of turd on my ship, thank you. At least I could tune her out when she speaks her babble.
  12. Yay! More landscape. Very nice, very nice. Dantooine probably is the best lookin' in the 'verse, huh?
  13. Or silver. Easily my favorite color. Sort of represents the gray Jedi as a whole.
  14. Where you ask? The answer is simple. He is...
  15. Touche. Well, Architect, I read your little summary on why K2 was a better game and I was simply going "Oh sweet God in heaven! Someone else who actually is thinking the same thing!" So, I had to throw my two cents in. But, yes, I concur with most of your statements as to why K2 is the superior game.
  16. Just found this thread here while I was roaming around... But, if there was one thing I could do...I would smash GO-TO to tiny little pieces. I can't remember how many times I wanted to destroy that humongous floating trash compactor. If he insulted me one more time, started going off on some long theory that just never ended and kept on lecturing me on how I was "wrong", I was going to stab him with my lightsaber. If only I could fry him with the lightning from my main character's hands...
  17. K2 all the way. Better plot, better idea behind the story instead of rehashing most of what the old trilogy and stuffing it into a package called KOTOR (not saying that the game isn't good. It is. It's one of my favorites.) But the new themes of possibly having gray Jedi and both the Sith and the Jed almost nearly the same thing, got my attention. The whole mystery of the Force was taken into account and it was just refreshing to have a more thought-provoking game. Even though some of the content was cut, it didn't bother me as much as it might have others. So, there's that.
  18. Absolutely, though I think Kreia walked that very fine line between "good" and "evil" so to speak. She had the most interesting plot and theory, making the gamer think for a moment about whether the Sith and the Jedi are really different after all. Kreia was really the most interesting, in my opinion. And she has an awesome voice, so...
  19. The reason I loved the character of Darth Vader was that he was sort of a mystery to me. The fact that we don't see his face is what makes the character so much better, but that's just me. Seeing the process of how it was he became this dark lord was just something that ruined the allure of the character and the presence he had. From now till the end of my days, no matter how hard I try and erase it from my mind, I will always remember little Anakin Skywalker inside the helmet and know that it's his burnt up carcass in there and not some great big mystery that had me actually scared when I was small and my father showed these wonderful movies to me. It might not have been a problem if the story was written much better, if the script was just a little tweaked to actually have thought-provoking dialogue, or perhaps less CG in each and every shot, then maybe these movies could have been saved. I for one actually enjoyed the "cheasiness" that was the OT. Men in costumes, built props, it just made everything seem a bit more real. But the biggest offense for me was when George Lucas decided to make Chewbacca a CG character (much like the rest of his aliens) instead of putting a man in a suit. Chewy was always a favorite character of mine. And seeing him ripped away and made in a computer generated image just crushed me. The lightsaber fighting was up to date and faster than it was before, but the flashy lights and sparkle just couldn't save these three films. Character development, that's what made everyone love the first three films. Everyone knew a guy that was like Luke, a sassy girl that was like Leia, and a bad boy like Han when they were growing up or living life every day. Because we cared about these characters, we felt compelled to care for the movies (that and it had a nice story, too). Star Wars was like a breath of fresh air to the melodramatic garbage that was being shown at every single theater, dealing with depressing themes and things no one really wanted to pay money for and instead could watch on their T.V. sets at home via a soap opera. But I have ranted long enough. In short: OT=Good. NT (new trilogy)=Bad. Enjoy
  20. I thought it was just my imagination...Quite a nice addition to the game.
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