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  1. De Nada


    It would've been a lot better if they'd actually attempted to make a movie with plot and character development. Then again, I'm probably asking too much. They decided to focus on the new robots and less on the old Transformers that we knew and loved from the first film. Makes no sense to me. If only Michael Bay had hired someone to write a decent script.

  2. Nah **** that. I'll be damned if I have to go to Korriban or Dantooine again.


    I don't want to be seeing 9+ planets in KotOR3. No way would the developers have enough time to make them all good.

    I agree.


    Please, no more Tatooine, either. For the love of God...let's try something new.


    I'd rather have a few planets with great stories and quests than nine with nothing to do at all.


    I would like to have Coruscant as an option, that's for sure.

  3. You want the great Mark Chopper Reid to play a whiny little girl like Carth? I don't think so.

    Why, yes, yes I do.

    As much as I can't stand the narcissistic ****, Tom Cruise would be a good Carth. Why? Because he wouldn't have to act, he already is a melodramatic schizo pretty boy, which is the general consensus for how the fans perceive Carth to be.

    I would never see it. Scientology scares me.

    But you don't want a movie to be flooded with star actors, besides it would be too expensive to cover the KotOR cast. You don't need an expensive actor to cover Zaalbar & T3-M4. HK-47 can be voiced by Kristoffer Tabori, the guy who did it in the games, Mission can be voiced by Catherine Taber, the lady who did it in the games.

    But of course. I just like to picture certain people in my head as to who would play certain roles. And there's no denying Eric Banana is quite a gorgeous man.

    Throw in Ed Asner as Vrook, obviously, Delroy Lindo as Jolee, Christian Bale as Revan, and you're set. The rest, I'm not sure, haven't given it enough thought, but I'm against Beckinsale for Bastila as she's too old, mature, hot and awesome to portray some 18-21 year old upstart moron bitch.

    I'd rather see Bale as someone else. He's too old to play Revan, IMO. Same with Beckinsale. She's too old.


    If they were to make these movies, shows, whatever, an unknown cast would probably be best.


    I just love Eric Bana. :) Christian Bale as Carth would make me happy, too. :)

  4. People making poor chocies makes people's fat.

    Thank you!


    Not McDonald's fault you choose to buy a fattening Big Mac and then proceed to wash it down with a tub of fries.


    Well, good for that guy in the article, too. Though I heard that if you put the dressing on one of their salads, it has as many calories as a Big Mac.

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