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  1. I got bored with the other crap. Decided I needed a change.

  2. Now where's Accept? This would be a reunion.

  3. Write it down. I might regret it later and you'd forget it.

  4. It's been eons. And my Thanksgiving was awesome. I'm stuffed.


  5. I'll admit that I'm not too good for this place, either.

  6. I need to change it. But I'm lazy.

  7. I'm a diva at heart.

  8. And I missed you Accept. Mucho.

  9. I'm here now bitches.

    I heard KOTOR 3 is in the grave for ever.

  10. I've got more free time now, guys. And I missed you.

  11. FYI, people...I am heading off to college tomorrow, so I won't be posting as often here. In fact, I've been quite busy, haven't done much of anything besides pack and get ready. So...this is a small goodbye for the moment. Until band camp is over at least.

  12. I get what you mean, Arch. Though if a celeb was boring as ****, then hell no. I'm not into pretty faces with no personality. I need substance.

    Yeah, and I'm not very pretty. I don't think so.

  13. Aw, Accept, that's so sweet! But you've never seen a picture of me. How would you know? I could be fugly.

    And you'd look good with long hair, Arch. Try growing it out a bit! But style it, plz.

  14. They're both not gay names.


    Stop fighting for my attention.

    BTW, I got a hair cut and I feel so pretty!

  15. It's not a gay name.

  16. Shut it. You love your LJ.

    Accept, it's okay if you don't have one.

  17. That wasn't a good idea.

  18. Did you drink? Or something? Because you're making no sense

  19. Well, someone's not forcing something down my throat.

  20. LOL. So it is true! That creepy lady sent you guys PMs. Creepy.

  21. I give up. It's okay. I'll just start over without M4-78 mod and it should be fine. Besides, I want to get all the influence with Atton that I can even though there's no romance option. *sobs* I was hoping that someone would have that content out in a mod or something, but guess not.

  22. And then, when i try to enter the Ebon hawk, black screen with menu sort of there. It's weird. When i just went to the auto save, I couldn't leave the ship. :( Not a happy camper.

  23. Unless you guys know anything about that? I had installed the M4-78 mod, then ripped it out because it had way too many bugs, something was wrong, and then I couldn't enter the Jedi Temple to meet them.

  24. This was a sad day today.

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