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  1. I just rememberd that you can go to www.gpureview.com the site will allow you to compare two different cards side by side. Also I was doing some research and you might want to get the X1300 pci at newegg. There is a open box version for 79.99 (newegg has an okay return policy 15 days) I have X1300 agp it runs battlefield 2 (there is a review saying that it will to) so it has a better chance of lasting longer. But if money is tight or you dont like open boxs the FX 5200 will be great.

  2. When he cracked open the monitor though

    I surely HOPE this is a typo, considering the graphical card is in the computer. There can be 2 types of cards (PCI or AGP) and considering you had a 7500 it could indeed be possible you have only PCI-slots instead of AGP-slots.


    there are actually 3 deferent types of graphic cards: PCI, AGP, and PCI EXPRESS. PCI EXPRESS being the newest, greatest, and most expensive.

  3. First to clarify AGP this is what a slot looks like with a card.



    Okay first thing you do when you want to buy a video card is to get one that fits your needs. 9200se or 9250 both from ati will work but u can find out which nvida ones work if they are cheaper.


    Step 1. buy a card


    Step 2. go to the brands web site ( ati.com or nvidia.com) and download the latest drivers. (remember where you put them).


    Step 3. go to control panle, then go to display, then go to settings, then click advanced, then go to adapter. click properties, at the bottem it will say this device is working properly. there is a drop down bar and it should say enabled, move it to disable. it will ask you to reboot now, click no, now turn off your computer. (if you would have clicked yes the it would restart your comp. what you would have seen would have scared you)


    Step 4. unplug every thing from back of case.(not inside). Open Case.


    Step 5. remove the screw and shield from case. insert card post-20984-1172084883_thumb.jpg press down till it slides in.post-20984-1172084978_thumb.jpg


    Step 6. plug every thing back in. put the monitor cable in to the back of your new card. turn on the comp.


    Step 7. let the comp load when the wizerd says you have a new device and it would like to install it CLICK CANCEL (i put it big because i made that mistake) (also the screen will look werid or distorted).


    Step 7. install your drives that you downloaded earlyer by double clicking the icon. click next on every thing. when you get to the part of the install were it asks you to click { for ATI cards (basic or express dont remember) or advandced click the basic. countinue with install.


    Step 8. it will ask you to restart your comp. now it will look normal agian. YOU ARE DONE ;)


    hope this helps.


    EDIT: the cheapest card i found that will run the game is at circurt city the eVGA GeForce 5200 FX for $40 after rebates, it should run the game but i dont know how well. the ATI card are $70 and they will run the games pretty good.

  4. When you look in your case you should see the the modem at the bottem left of your case. There is a port that is about 4 inches long which the modem it is in (which is called a pci slot, most computers have three). If you have a empty one then u can install a pci graphics card. They are not as good as agp but are cheap. The ATI 9200se pci and the ATI 9250 pci will both run the game. I have used them before to play the game. I have yet to use a nvidia card for the game so i dont know which ones would work. Hope this helps.

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