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  1. How old are your DirectX files the reason I ask is because you cant get them through windows update. It is HERE. The reason I say this is because it might be the ATI driver needs a newer file than the one you currently have. I don't have an ATI card right now but I had one a year ago (9250) and I never had a problem like this.

  2. Okay here is a step by step.


    1. Open KSE. (use admin rights in vista)

    2. Browse to your install folder (example: C:\program files\lucasarts\swkotor2 yours may be different).

    3. Choose a save.

    4. Click classes.

    5. Choose the latest class (in mine it is Jedi master).

    6. Click force powers.

    7. If you look to the right you should see Available Powers and a list.

    8. Choose what one you want to have.

    9. Click add power.

    10. Repeat or Click commit changes.

    11. Start the game and load edited the save.

  3. Q: "Which tomb is not on koriban (or something like that)"

    A: Freedom Nadd

    Q: "what pet is not suitable for a pet"

    A: Gizika ( you think that it would be available because of there massively high reproductive rate, YOU CAN NEVER KILL THEM ALL LOL)


    If you told us the questions we might be able to help you more the game has been out for more than two years and my memory aint so swift. :'(

  4. I can run the game in Vista. I will start it right now. Yep it still works. I did have to replace a file to get it to work Mss32.dll . I will give you step by step instructions .

    1. Open my computer.

    2. Double click your hard drive.

    3. Double click Program Files.

    4. Double click lucasarts.

    5. Double click SWKOTOR2 (may be slightly different).

    6. Drag the file Mss32.dll and drop it in here it will ask you if you want to replace the file click yes

    This should make the game run. Hope it helps.


    Edit: Also the sound does work.

  5. I get my drivers from Laptopvideo2go but from what I understand is that SLI laptops need to have special drivers from the manufacture so I don't know if the just a moded INF will be enough. Now if you are wondering what an INF is when you install a driver into a computer the installing software will look at the INF (which has a list of approved graphics cards) and compare it to what is in your system. Hope this helps.


    EDIT: Also the reason that you need an moded INF is because NVIDIA does not openly support there mobile graphics cards the mod the desktop counterpart and sell it to the laptop manufacture.

  6. Okay, first please don't expect that when you post your problem that within TWO DAYS that your post will get answered most people have jobs and family's and don't check this site everyday. About your problem, I have had that happen every once and awhile. It usually happens to me after i use force speed and then after awhile it would stop. Also can you please humor me and give me some more info. Did it happen at the beginning of the game (at the first talk sequence)? Did this happen every time? Also I am glad that reinstalling the game fixed it.

  7. You got to change the resolution of your desktop. When you install an update from ATI they put your resolution at 800x600 which not many monitors are made for that resolution. Right click your desktop, click properties, click settings, then you will see a slider bar near the bottom and you need to slide it to what ever native resolution that your monitor is. You can probably Google your make and model number and you will get a website that can tell you what the native resolution is, or if you cant find it or don't want to you can do the old trial and error. What you do is move the slider one resolution and click apply if the screen changes and comes back try the next higher one. If not wait thirty seconds and it will come back. then go back to the highest one that worked. Also with the driver and graphics warning it is fine every one has them. The game was made more than two years ago. It just can read the driver number or the model number of the of the graphics card as long as the game runs it is fine.

  8. Ok that is not a good way to video card drivers. Here is a link to ATI's web site ATI drivers. On the site you sect your OS (operating system), then select the sub brand (in your case Radeon), then scroll down to your number (Radeon 9550). Then it will take you to the lateset whitch is 7.11 . There are installation instructions also on the page. Hope this helps. The reason I asked you to do thouse steps in my previse post because if the Vram was not working then it would not show up at all or be the wrong size in the memory size spot. It might just be that the software from the game that detects it just does not see it?

  9. Ok what I want you to do is this. Right click on your desktop and click properties. Then click settings. Then click advanced. Then click Adapter. Then tell us what it says. Then on that same page click properties. And tell us the driver date. Also just to make sure did you uninstall the old nvida driver and installed the latest ATI driver (not the one on the disk they rarely update the one they send in the box) before you installed your new card.

  10. First of all you are not turning off a core, you are just not letting the core use kotor2. When you use the task manager to change the Affinity (what cores that the process {game} can use} you block access of one of the cores to kotor2. Every thing else still uses both of the core's.

  11. Ok I found some info on the Geforce Go 7200 apparently the GPU is about on par with a ATI 9200se. Which I have used before and It will run kotor 2. The only thing I don't know is how high you will be able set the settings. My 9200se could run it at high settings but it some times would lag (turn into a slide show :lol: ) and I would have to turn it down to medium. Also I will give you my sources. GpuReview.com (sorry to say they did not have the 7200 on file but they had the 7300 and this site had a comeparsion with the 7200 and 7300 Notebookcheck.com )

  12. Ok first it will work on Vista but not out of the box there is a file ( here is a link ) that you need to replace after the game is installed (the problem is the way the audio is used in Vista is different than Xp). second what is your graphics card? How to find out is go to the Start menu, press run, type dxdiag click ok, {you may get a warning that it can crash your computer it wont though trust me} click on display and it will tell you what it is, then tell us the name and how much memory it has.

  13. If I remember correctly, the crystal is only of use for dark siders though.

    not always If you have your personal crystal and it is light side based then if you put them in together they will cancel the darkside out and you will get the bonus. As for the question I sometimes get the crystal from the girl and then give the other one to the spy guy (makes me feel less guilty), but you wont have your lightside mastery for a bit (if you have it).

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