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  1. I just want to remind you guys that this is the TSLRP thread NOT DSTONEYS M4-78 MOD THREAD (surprised a mod didn't catch that) please make your own thread. To Racofer TSLRP is still a restoration project only Dstoney mod is well an add content mod.


    P.S. I am still on the fence as whether it is a RP or a content mod but personally I think that to not enough of forethought was done by Obsidian to call it and RP but hey just my opinion.


    EDIT: Lol I need to hit refresh more. And Also it is 26-24

  2. I have never had the duel core problem (and mine is a duel core) but most the case's (if not all) I have seen is on desktops processors. If you get the problem then it is an easy fix but takes a few seconds. Just bring up task manager, click show processes from all users, right click swkotor2.exe and select set affinity, deselect one of the core's and you are done. The only problem is that you have to do it every time.

  3. I also run my K1 and K2 on a laptop so I understand why you are worried, but it depends on what you define as playable. With the low fps during fights i find (i don't have them with mine) don't matter much because of how the turn based system works just press the space bar every time you hit them. For if your computer can run it I think it can but you might want to check out system lab requirements here is a link. I will post my spec below. Hope this helps.


    Window Vista Home Premium SP1

    Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 2.0 Ghz

    2GB 667 mhz ram

    Nivida Geforce Go 7900 GS

    Sigmantel Audio


    P.S. I get about 40 Fps at 1024x768 with 16x AF and 8x AA

  4. Are running it in ADMIN mode? If not go to where you installed the game. The default is (C:\Program Files\LucasArts\SWKotOR2) right click on swkotor2 and click properties, click the compatibility tab, check run this program as administrator (you might want to also run it in compatibility mode for XP). Hope it helps.

  5. I will assume that this is a laptop. I think this is the problem:

    Card name: ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9000/9100 IGP

    Manufacturer: ATI Technologies Inc.

    Chip type: MOBILITY RADEON 9100 IGP AGP (0x5835)

    your graphics card was meant for things web surfing and movies not for games. You might want to update the drivers (go here).

  6. I had this happen about 2 months ago in K1 not 2. I was trying to get it to run in wide screen (because I am an ass and can let things be) so i went changing different things in the Nvidia control panel and said cool Multisampling, cool 16X AF, Cool 16X AA and a range of other things and my game looked like that. I dont remember what i did from then on. but try to make everything on defult on the Nvidia control panel. That is all i think i did. Hope it helps.

  7. Ok what I had to do in Vista is to save the modified swkotor2.ini to the desktop (via file, save as and change it to desktop) and then drag it in to the install folder. This is because you need admin rights because of the UAC (User Account Control{the annoying thing that pops up all the time [that i happen to like]}) in Vista. Hope it helps

  8. I had this problem before with my old system (near same video card ATI 9200se). I had to turn the camera so that i was looking at the way i came (looking T3 in the eye hole) and just went strait(away from where i came). You will reach a wall and to the left (if you are looking at T3 it will be on your right) you will see a terminal (one of those blue computer things) click it and it will start the dialog for a cut scene and that is that. Later you will be back and you are running for the ship so it will be fine. This was my only problem spot whit my old system. Hope it helps.


    PS. With your Processor a P4 2.66 and a 1.6 there would not be that big of a difference. Performance depends on how well it scales to the increased speed and P4's never scaled very well (there where 4.8 GHz P4's sold and they weren't much faster than my 3.0 GHz P4. It all depends on the architecture of the processor. If you put a Core 2 Duo at 2.0ghz against a 4.8 GHz P4 the Core 2 Duo would win hands down because of the way it is made(a lot more efficient in power draw and computational power). Also the Core 2 Duo uses 65 watts and the P4 would use 125 watts. Also Sorry about the Mono log. :thumbsup: dont know what came over me. lol

  9. Well I know that a 9250 and a 9200se can both run K1 and K2 (i used both before my ATI X1300) but I used a res of 800x600 and i don't remember if i used low or med textures every thing else was off (frame buffer effects, grass and I think shadow was an option) by the way how old are your drivers. I really doubt they are that old but i have been wrong before.

  10. Yes, but only one major 1 that I had (I use Vista). There is a file Mss32.dll and it does not work properly in Vista. All you have to do is go to fileplanet (had a link to it in another thread) and download it and drag it into your K2 install folder and it will replace the old one. Besides that it runs great.

  11. First wherever you read that is VERY mistaken none of my games have ever had to be installed that way. I will try to help just in case it is not related to your install method.


    1. See if you have the latest Intel graphic driver's. Here

    2. Update your Directx files. Here

    3. Since I think you are using a no CD crack (how else would you not have original CD and would be able to start the game) try a different one.

    The only other thing is a reinstall from the original CD.

  12. I did some research and I found out that your Driver number is 4.12 ( is the reference number) and was released in 12/13/04. That is more that three years ago and Kotor 2 came out 2/8/05. So that means that there is no way that driver will work, the game was still 2 months away from release. The one I gave the link for is 8.44 and was released on 12/20/07 and it should run the game. Hope it helps.

  13. Okay a Driver for this is here. Here are some instructions to install them.


    1. Download the driver (save it somewhere you will remember)

    2. Click on the start menu

    3. Click on control panel

    4. Click on add and remove programs (it will take a might take a little time to get every thing loaded)

    5. Find the Ati uninstall utility

    6. Click uninstall (this will not remove the the utility just start it)

    7. Go through the pop up window

    8. Restart your computer (when your computer restarts the desktop may look blocky because windows will turn down the resolution so that any card will be able to run also windows will ask to find the driver click cancel)

    9. Find where you saved the driver

    10. Double click it and follow mainly click next through the hole thing.

    11. Restart your computer

    12. When the computer restarts right click the desktop

    13. Click properties

    14. Click settings

    15. Drag the slider to the highest working resolution. (or which ever one you used previously.)


    And that will update your driver. I think your card should run the game. On some forums I read that this solved the problem with alot of games.


    Edit: if you want you can first go to System Requirements Lab and click this game and it will tell you if you can run it.

  14. What are your system specs??? We need to know Your CPU (brand, model, and GHz), ram(amount, speed does not matter) , graphics card (make, model, and amount of memory, what drivers you are using{driver version number}), your OS (operating system XP or Vista) get us all or some of this information and we will be able to try and help you. If you can not locate this info we could take you step by step and try to help get it. Also did you update the game.


    I'm going to bed so you might have to wait till tomorrow for a response.

  15. Can you be a little more descriptive. Like what have you done on nar shada? All these are light sided. Have you gotten into the exchange base underneath the jeck jeck tar (or whatever that bar was called), have you went to the refuge sector and save a women(I thank it Adana or is that the little girl that you can save) bribe the guy to put a bad word for you at the exchange. I cant think of anything else. Hope it helps

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